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Making a small amplifier

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I need some help. Anyone who knows how to make a small amplifier.

I have a mini disc player and bought some small speakers for it. But, the speakers don't play very loud when attached to my MD, put play loud when attached to my CD player. I have tried other speakers with the same result, and other peoples MD players same to be the same.

So, I want to make a small amplifier. But I don't know how. I think you might need the following information to help me:

I use the mini stereo jack on my MD player to plug in my speakers.


-stereo mini-jack, maximum output level 5mW+5mW, load impedance 16ohm


-Inpedance: 8ohms

-Rated output power: 2x500mW

-Maximum output power: 2x1W

I think thats all you will need to know.

I'm hoping to make the amp myself, I have a soldering ion, and can easily buy components, and also have some electronic circuit design program's. Just I'm not sure how to go about this.

Thankyou in advance.


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Guest Anonymous

Why not buy an amplifier in kit form. In the UK, Maplin electronics sell them fairly cheaply, so they must be even cheaper in the USA. Your other option is to buy some amplified PC speakers. They virtually give them away. I bought some brand new IBM computer speakers that are fantastic for about £5 UKP. Make sure you get ones with a separate power adapter, the ones where the mains lead goes straight into the speakers usually have nasty switcher type circuitry, and are known to explode (Tsunami brand), now you don't want anything destroying your MD do you!

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