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how much could i sell my MD for?

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darK (aka Tharaka)

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Are you selling your md unit?

It'd better not be so you can go buy a solid state or some silly thing like that or else we'll all have to track you down, come to your house and give you noogies...heh heh. Naw we'd all just acknowledge that you'd gone to the dark side...get then pun?

Seriously now, I'd pay roughly US$100 for an MZ-R700, here's why. Considering that you can get an MZ-N505 for $88 now and I'd rather have a new 505 than a used 700 (505 has atrac type R, NetMD, etc, but not a mic jack,) you'd be getting a hell of a good deal (and screwing the person buying it from you) if you sold your MD for over $100. But I dunno, get on eBay and see what 700's are going for nowadays.

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Good to hear it!

Well, if you're selling your md to a kid at school...I know this sounds bad, but sell it to him for as much as he's willing to buy it for.

As for buying something non-netmd, I recommend giving NetMD a shot. It doesn't add that much to the cost of a recorder, and you certainly don't lose anything with a recorder that has NetMD capabilities vs one that doesn't. A lot of people talk as if a netmd recorder is inferior to a non-netmd recorder, which simply isn't true. I'd say my N10 can match anything short of a DR7 easy without taking netmd into consideration at all (and honestly I don't like the lay-out of Sharps, so I'd get an N10 over a DR7 even if the N10 didn't have netmd.) So, just keep in mind NetMD is an EXTRA feature, not an anti-feature.

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