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F810, N910 & E10

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I recently purchased the F810 and my advice to anyone thinking of doing the same is simple - Don't.

The volume quality is poor, its's overly bulky as if it was made 3 or 4 years ago and the radio (the main reason for buying it) has poor frequency.

I've taken it back to the shop and now i'm left with choices to make namely which replacement do i get?

I've heard the N910 and I'm happy with it's quality but i don't really need NETMD - shall i get the E10 instead?

If I choose to get the E10 does it still come with sonic stage?

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no the E10 is a "read-only" player meaning that it can only playback MD discs and not record...SonicStage is used for music transfer from PC -> MD (NetMD) and as such needs a compatible NetMD recorder to use it...since the E10 is a player it won't come with it since it does not need to record...

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