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what is with the netMD software?

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Guest Anonymous

ive tried sonicstage, jukebox, simple burner but everytime i try and open them i always get a message saying we have encounted a serious problem and then closes. anyone know what this is happening? of if there is a patch/hack/crack to fix this, i thought it was bad enough not being able to upload via usb but not being able to download via usb is too much to take.

p.s im not running a legit version of winXP but im sure its works for many people who aren't running legit versions.


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Ironic....Sony are crooks, yet you're running a pirated OS...heh I love software pirates. Microsoft can suck up and deal if you ask me, although that's beside the point. Pirate to pirate, have you seen bit torrent? www.suprnova.org rules.

Sounds like your NetMD stuff is jacked up...where'd you get the NetMD software from? If you downloaded it from somewhere, you might wanna try doing that again, it sounds like a file is corrupted. Since none of your NetMD things work, I bet it has something to do with the OpenMG Module since it's kinda like the engine that powers all the NetMD stuff. Reinstalling and updating might fix this.

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