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Looking for a recorder - field recordings & converstions

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I basically want a recorder with a mic in line for field recordings & converstions type sounds. then i would wnat to import them into my sampler and add them to my composistions.

I would greatly appreciate any help and information on what is thought to be a good device for such.



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Okay, looked it up and there are two ways to get the stuff into it.

A: the aforementioned recorders and then via PC and smartmedia-card.

B: the NH900, as it can switch it's output into line-mode and then via line in of the sampler.

C: If you don't want to wait until April (June/July for the rest of the planet), take one of the existing models with Microphone input, e.g. the IM-DR420 from Sharp:


and of course line-in of the sampler again...

Hope this helps...

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Guest Anonymous

I can strongly recommend you the sharp dr420. If you want specs then go to the official sharp web-site.

For voice recordings it is amazing. Go on ebay and you can buy a cheap little electret microphone which makes it extermely portable.

As for nature recordings I can't comment because I don't know what it is you want to record. The built in preamp in the sharp is better than the sony models so it should produce better results.

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