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mac compatible mini disc

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heyy there...well for recording i suggest that u look into the Sharp units on offer...there are many in it's range depending on ur budget...but there is no such unit out atm that can transfer the data to and from a Mac computer through USB faster than real-time...they haven't seem to introduce mac support for their NetMD units as yet and hopefully they will soon...otherwise u could look into hard drive based mp3 players/recorders as well...

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I just bought the following:

1 x Sharp IM-DR420 Portable NetMD recorder. ( IMDR420 )

1 x M-Audio MobilePre USB audio interface ( MOBILEPRE )

1 x Reactive Sounds Boostbox preamp ( BOOSTBOX )

1 x Audio Technica 822 Stereo Microphone ( AT822 )

From Outward Sound and was told I would be able to post out of my mini disc and mix througheither my Powerbook or G5 no problem. It all hinges on the M-Audio MoblePre USB Audio Interfacce.

Check it out.

I am a newbie too so I hope I don't get screwed.

I think all is well though. Outward Sound seemed like they understood the Mac.

Good Luck. I sure am glad I found this site. I hope to learn a lot more about Llve recording and stuff.

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