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WMA conversion issue

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Hello all. I hope I can find some assistance on this problem. It really isn't a big deal but I'm "on a mission" to figure out what is going on.

A CD that I bought had an extra track for download off the web. You put your original cd in the drive and it checks that you acutally bought it (what a concept!), then you can download the extra track.

The track comes down as a WMA file. I can import it in to SonicStage without conversion, but if I try to import with conversion to ATRAC3 it fails. If I import it as a native WMA, it works, until I try to check it in to the MD player, then it fails (presumably when it trys to convert from wma to atrac).

It says "detected file can not be imported" and "only converted files are registered".

I'm assuming that I'm running in to some copy protection. Can I get around this or should I just delete the file. BTW, it does play properly thru the windows media player.

Thanks for the assistance.


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