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Minidiscs Corrupting?

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Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone's heard of or experienced minidiscs 'corrupting' over time? Because I've transferred loads of songs to certain minidiscs and they all played fine, but then over the past few weeks or so, i've noticed that my player had been missing a tiny bit off the end of tracks, not a LOT, but a noticeable chunk, say, 5 seconds? And a few tracks actually disappeared, like, when played, the tracks were just silent for 4 minutes or however long the song was. Could this be minidisc corruption or just something to do with a low battery or something?

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It is possible that it is the MD player that has trouble reading them because of a malfunction.

However, if all your discs are from the same type it is very possiblen that that we are talking about a bad batch here (Assuming you are reffering to one type of MD brand).

I experienced several curruptions but not of the type you have.

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MDs are known to fragment the more you use them (record), but echoing those above, it sounds as if your unit is on the way out.

Do you have access to another unit to playback your discs, peanutismint, to determine for sure whether it is the unit or discs at fault?

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