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power adapter for MZ R909

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I need to get hold of a AC power adapter/charger for the Sony MZ-R909 minidisc player. I am in the UK. Does anyone know of a generic adapter/charger that can be used with the MZ-R909 or do I have to buy Sony. Anyway, where can I get hold of one (shop or online, but must be for UK.)

Thanks in advance.

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Hi. You can buy adapters in Maplin Electronics and Dixons etc. You just need one that has a positive tip, outputs at 3V DC and is rated at no less than 500mA (1A would be OK). Most universal adapters have exchangeable tips, and you can buy these from the shops I mentioned.

If you really want the Sony one, I just saw the exact ones in Ask on Tottenham Court Road, London. Doubtless Sony Centres have them too.

If you can come to London I will give you one of my spare ones.

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