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PC-Minidisc optical recording

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I've recently been experimenting with my PC and Sony MZR909 (via optical) and have been making some really interesting mix-MDs by setting Winamp to play (with crossfade on). What's slightly irritating is that track spaces don't seem to be transmitted, even when not using crossfade and with other applications such as Media Player. Is there any software I can use to correct this problem or maybe something else that might sort this out? I've read the post on different hardware options but to be honest, I'm just experiment really and use my seperates when recording otherwise. My soundcard is a Hercules Fortissimo III. Cheers in advance for any help!

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Sorry if I don't follow, but you want to have the gaps between the tracks being played on Winamp to be there on the disc you are recording? I take it you are getting "gapless" playback on the MD?

If that didn't make much sense, just try this anyway:

If Sync Rec is on, try turning it off.

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A track mark will only be placed if the soundcard is given a command to send it, or when there are 2 sec or more of silence.

I dont know of any way to send the signal to the card (I got a fortissimo II), but for the latter you can use winque.

I dont remember the URL and i cant seem to find it through a fast search.

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