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Does my MD unit need a Ferrite Core?

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Hey there, all. My first post!

I just received my MZ-S1 (sports) minidisc player last week, which included a Ferrite Core (shaped like a large capsule). There were no instructions on how to use/connect this core.

What's the purpose of the ferrite core? Do I need to connect the ferrite core to my headphone or ac adapter? Note that my MZ-S1 has no mic input.



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Thanks 'me' for helping me with the ferrite core connection. I had previously called Sony's technical support and after much MUCH waiting (I could hear them frantically searching their computer databases for info), they finally said that they could find no supportive subjects for such a device. I then asked to speak to a supervisor or someone more 'technical' savvy. A supervisor then advised that I NOT use the ferrite core at all since it's not mentioned as an included accessory on their computer list. That is, they were clueless.

I'm quite disappointed with Sony's tech support. They certainly didn't come across as very knowledgeable.

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I would hate to think what an inductor would do to the sound quality.. I don't know. It's probably fine. Perhaps it reduces the errors that those remotes tend to make. (RM-MC11EL etc, skips two tracks instead of one and other weirdness)

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A word about the ferrite cores:

Europe has much tighter regulations about spurious emissions.

You could leave out the cores completely and it will still fulfill the US FCC-regulations.

For Europe, insert one in the power cable, another one in the line in cable and a third in the cable to an external amp/Hifi system.

The cores should be close to the recorder, a few centimeters away is ok. The cable should be looped once around the core like MyStyler described it.

The remote/headphone doesn't need a core, as the rules require conformity with a 2 meter wire attached to the unit.

However, you might need a core around the headphone cable, if you record off a sensitive shortwave radio. In that case, a second core around the LineIn cable close to the radio might be necessary as well.

On the other paw, the problem might be not existing at all, my R37 for example radiates nothing at all, a Yaesu FRG-7 and an Uniden 2010 showed no additional noise at all, but as usual, YMMV...

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Do we need the ferrite cores though?  The NH700 I  bought recently had one attached to the remote control(!?) and there were 4 or 5 others in the box with fitting instructions.  Surely that's overkill... rolleyes.gif

The ferrite core on my brother's NF520D was also attached to the remote control... *giggle*

Stupid, ne?

I would've stolen it and put it on the power cord for my N10's AC adapter, but there is already one attached to the wire. >.>;

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I recieved ferrit cores on my N1's DC cord.

However i removed it when i got the unit and never used it again.

The units are working fine with the DC in & all...

But the adapter im using is the one which i got with my european R90, the N707 & N1 are from the USA.

That adaptor did not arrive with an FC so im guessing its not needed for european adaptors?

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