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Splicing "hidden" tracks in SonicStage

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Okay, I've got a bunch of albums with those aggravating freakin' "hidden tracks" on them, where the genius engineers decide to make a twenty-minute final track and add three minutes of music to the end of it. So I have the last song, an immense gap, and then the "hidden" song.

Needless to say, when I transfer this to MD, it leaves me with these staggeringly annoying gaps. I can't just insert track marks and delete the silence thanks to our friend TrPROTECT.

Does anybody have a workaround for this problem? Is there an ATRAC file editor anywhere out there?



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When I do an anolog recording form my cd deck to the input on my MZ-NF810CK net MD I don't get the TrPROTECT message when I try to edit. The only problem is that it is in real time and that takes forever. But if I use a good quality cable to connect the recording turns out real nice and the auto track insert usualy seperates the silent intervals with a track mark. Of couse text isn't transfered and I have to hook up to my PC and use Simple Burner or another program to lable the tracks. Or I could do it manualy on my MDplayer.

Anyhow, the only way I have found to get around the TrPROTECT when recording from an original to do the anolog route.......Or maybe not.

I just got the new version of Sonic Stage (2.1) that came out last week and used the newest version of of Simple Burner (2.0) to make a direct copy from my CD-ROM and now I can do edit fuctions that I couldn't before. Like ERASE or track marks. So you can edit your tracks with the newest version of SS and the newest version of SB. Wow they actualy did something cool with netMD software.

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