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HELP - R35 battery problem

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I've just got an R35 off a friend and while it works perfectly when plugged into the mains, but I think there's a problem with the battery (LIP-12.) When plugged into the mains the symbol to show the battery charging on the dispaly does not come on and it does not charge. Is the symbol meant to be on when charging? Looking at the battery there is a little switch on it when can be in two positions, one showing a red sticker and the other covering it. What is this switch for?

I've looked in the manual but it doesn't say much. Is there anyway of figuring out what the problem is? Is the battery the problem or the minidisc units ability to charge.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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I'm not familiar with that battery, but I'm pretty sure there's a drycell case out there for the R35 that attaches to the side. You could try to dig it up.

Otherwise, fiddle with that switch. Try charging it in both positions (red or not) and see what works. Also, I think you have to hit a button (maybe the Stop button) to trigger the charge state if you haven't tried yet.

If nothing else:


...there are more sites selling replacement LIP-12 batteries--just type "lip 12 battery" into Google. It's possible with the age of this machine (and the number of times the battery has been charged/discharged) that the battery just won't hold a charge any more.

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First, the switch on the battery is no switch. It is simply a reminder for you, if you have more than one battery, that you can mark the battery for recharging.

The 'switch' has no effect on the charging itself, as it doesn't has any electrical connection.

When the charging doesn't start, then most likely the battery is dead. I say, follow the link, 15 bucks is a good price for that battery.

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