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  1. Screwdriver anyone?

    Hi, No not the cocktail, just a quickie-what screwdriver size should I get to open up Sony portable MD devices, looks like a small Phillips. Cheers
  2. Sony DHC-MD888 Does anyone have one?

    Looks cool on the photos just wondered if it really exists and is still in use?
  3. MZ-RH910 Error message

    Ok, I get it, so its bad news all round. In answer to your question it takes about 20 sec to do the write, but I think I am noticing that time creeping up. So, in essence, Hi-MD was a failed experiment and we should all go back to using standard MDs, especially as no new RH-910s are made and I personally dont like the RH-1. Thanks for your help though, much appreciated
  4. MZ-RH910 Error message

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I dont think it is any of the above as I can read and write any type of MD before and after this problem occured. I can read the bad disc in internet explorer, and attatch a screenshot of the files on the disc.(you will need to change the view to 150% to see them in word). I even managed to make a new disc copying these files over with windows to a brand new one, and yes, still says "cannot record or play". Can any of the files be edited so its readable by md units again?corrupt himd disc.doc
  5. MZ-RH910 Error message

    Hi all you knowlegeable and helpful folk, I was fast forwarding on a 1gB Hi-LP disc when suddenly it went into track divide mode all of its own.I pressed yes, then was greeted with the message "cannot play or record". Since then it keeps saying the above, plus "push enter to create an audio file-warning all tracks will be lost continue/cancel" . I have always pressed cancel for fear of losing any more data. I have tried the said disc in a RH-1 and all that says is cannot play audio. Please, any help or explanations>? Thanks

    It is, but the sellers there are usually more legit as it was once a crown colony. Sweeping generalization, but that's what I've found. I also bought the same mic from Hong Kong and it works fine.
  7. Vapex gumstick batteries

    Ok, I might do, but I also have an old machine the MZR-700PC and a battery charger that I bought with the batteries so I can charge them in the car on the way to concerts. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Vapex gumstick batteries

    [/i have both battery charger and obviuosly charge in MD, but there is no difference in the performance of the vapex, ie still poorb]
  9. Mz-R35 vs MZ-R30

    Thanks, didnt think there was much between them!
  10. Line in quality

    Which Denon CD recoder do you have? I didnt know you could do this.
  11. Vapex gumstick batteries

    I stocked up on 3 vapex batteries, new, as they were going cheap. Unfortunately they dont last as long as the old sony one in the recorder. I also noticed this quote from a fellow forum member "I've also bought a couple of Vapex brand gumstick Ni-MH's (1450mah), brand new for a
  12. Mz-R35 vs MZ-R30

    Hi, Does anyone know the main difference between the two, and which is better built and better for recording, or are they both the same. Thanks
  13. Anyone still have the in_atrac.dll Winamp plugin?

    Thanks Avrin, youre the best!
  14. There is somehing I can't understand...

    I just bought the last 40 Fuji MDs available in the UK-all you can get here from now are the TDK ones with poor labels, or clear Sony Neige ones (nice labels, but I dont like the see-throu case)
  15. SONY MZ-RH1 Featured In New GHOST WRITER Movie!

    Could this be the phoenix rising?