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  1. Looking for Sony WX-7700MDX

    I'm looking for a Sony WX-7700MDX double din car stereo CD/MD player. It looks like these pictures. If you have one, please let me know if you want to sell it. I was going to buy one a few years ago on Ebay but never did. Now, I can't find them for sale on there. Thank you.
  2. HI Md discs

    I have about 20 of them and I bought mine back when I got a 5 pack for under $50.
  3. People who still use old gadgets? The BBC explores the issue

    Very interesting hobbies that people have. I sometimes wish that I could incorporate MD more into my daily life. Or even cassette tapes but I'm not that dedicated to them that much. I don't even have a cassette player car radio anymore but I do have 2 MD ones but neither of them have an AUX IN just in case I want to listen to something else. I may find a way though, we will see.
  4. Danish band "Forever Unclean" release MiniDisc E.P.

    Here is everything. The t-shirt seems to be pretty thick and good quality. The stickers on the MD and the case are both good quality and glossy. The MD itself is a 80 minute Sony gold Prizm like none that I have, which I don't have many of them though. The music quality is really good too and it was uploaded to the disc in stereo (SP). Very good deal overall. I wish more bands would do this sort of thing but it's not very practical or realistic for them to do it but I like this idea anyway.
  5. Danish band "Forever Unclean" release MiniDisc E.P.

    I just got mine today. It took them a little while but that's ok. There was a t-shirt in there also with the minidisc. I'll post a pic later on.
  6. Selling MZ-NH900 (+3 Hi-MD discs and MC38EL) on ebay.

    I have one of these units but mine is silver. I paid about $140 USD for it back in 2010. It had all of the accessories with it and I think a handful of discs also. I use it every week to record a radio show off of Sirius XM. It works awesome.
  7. Debating on downsizing my herd

    Thank you. I was considering that but am not sure of what to do. I'd hate for them to collect dust when someone could be using one of them. We will see.
  8. Debating on downsizing my herd

    I've been debating on downsizing my MDLP herd for a little while now. I currently have 10 portable machines, of which 9 work pretty good and 1 works but has some issues. My units are as follows; MZ-MF810 (silver), MZ-R910 (blue), (3) MZ-N707 (in all assorted colors), (3) MZ-R700 (in all assorted colors), MZ-G750 (green/grey), MZ-N505 (orange). I use some of these on a fairly normal basis but the rest just sit on a shelf looking pretty. The N505 I use as my computer workhorse when I make mixes. The green and blue R700's I use to record concerts. Other than that, the rest just kind of sit a shelf. The silver R700 has the issues (that's why I have it sideways in the pic). It is missing the metal on the battery door but works when plugged in and the headphone jack is a little loose, I think. The LINE IN and MIC inputs seem ok though. I don't really use the N707's for anything except maybe listening to a disc on the go every now and then but not very often. They do have USB inputs though. I'm not too sure of what to do about this dilemma and was hoping for some input. Thank you.
  9. Danish band "Forever Unclean" release MiniDisc E.P.

    Nice! I like this idea. I bought one, just for the hell of it. It was around $6 USD, not that bad of a price.
  10. The road to obscurity.... the BBC reports on earlier devices

    Record players aren't exactly extinct. They are thriving pretty well these days.
  11. Selling my HI-MD player on Ebay!

    You should have probably put this in the classified section.
  12. Creative Cover Art/Packaging?

    WOW! That looks really good. I wouldn't mind having a some to try out. Please keep us updated on this project.
  13. My 3D printed minidisc storage

    That looks pretty nice. I can't believe it took that long to print just the 1.
  14. Creative Cover Art/Packaging?

    How so? Any pics?
  15. Creative Cover Art/Packaging?

    Any word on these cases at all?