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  1. Can't wait for 3D BRAVIA's end of 2010! :D

  2. To be honest, your best bet is to go to one of these petition websites and then send the link to everyone you know, and post it on other Audio PMP/Walkman websites to get more attention. If still no interest, maybe this is why Sony hasn't bothered putting gapless in the newer Walkman's? Personally, I want to see gapless in Sony's Walkman's, hence I voted that it is important, not only because I would most likely use it but the fact all the other players, but the fact even the dreaded iPod has it. That's not right, Sony! Your not going to let iPod have a audio feature you don't are you? (
  3. Things I really want to see via firmware update if possible, is to make the internet connectivity more easier to get rid of that horrid mobile phone-style numeric keypad and maybe gapless playback. Otherwise the Walkman is fine to me, I do look forward to the next X-series in the future that may have Symbian OS on it, perhaps then Sony can hit this PMP applications market with that.
  4. Personally I think it looks quite nice, it's a new direction for Walkman. It does feel it's aiming for teenagers who want to put they're music on while annoyingly on public transport, if the in-built speakers are that good, I'm sure that's why they will sell well. lol...
  5. Very smart! Invision 3 is much better to use and in looks. Nice one Chris!
  6. ShanieAIBO

    Vaio P SLOW?

    Like I had said, its Windows Vista being a hog to the hardware, leaving none left for software for some programs. The easiest thing for you to do is to upgrade to Windows 7 in October, Sony are going a update program right now where you can get Windows 7 for free (just the P&P fee) just make sure you have registered your VAIO online with Sony and they will email you asking if you wish to upgrade to Windows 7 in October. http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/10/vaio-p-...more-windows-7/ This article shows how much better the P-Series performs running on beta Windows 7. http://club.vaio.sony.eu/
  7. ShanieAIBO


    It's funny that it's always in the Audio part of the forum... (Most active I guess) I'm trying my best, my shift work and other real life means makes it so that it's harder for me to get there before someone else etc. Going to get myself some 3G contract internet for my TZ VAIO so I can acess the forums quicker and easier when away from home.
  8. Is this possible to do? You would have to somehow acess the Walkman's internal ROM and get a clean Japanese version of the Walkman's firmware to use aswell...
  9. Okay, I think it's about time I should clean some information up regarding to X-series stock... The UK has been allocated with apporx. 2,800 units that have come directly from Japan to the UK - hence the low allocation. Only 350 of those units have been split between the top Sony Centre stores (mind you, there are around 140 Sony Centre stores, so that's not much at all) and John Lewis Oxford Street store got 100 units for them alone and another 100 or so have gone to their online store. The rest went to SonyStyle.co.uk; all pre-orders have been filled on there and now showing both the 16GB
  10. I care, lol. Great links, I keep forgetting to look on the HK site, as i'm always looking on the Japanese version instead so I miss out on seeing these. Cheers!
  11. AHH, I love Sony Style! That should mean Thursday this week or on the Tuesday we will get it (our delivery days) We're throwing a Walkman launch party on the day for it too, and I get to own one for free! (For demo purposes of course) Still waiting for my Japanese one to arrive... *Customs are hunting me*
  12. Yeah, and as they're linked, so has the estimate date changed from "mid/end-May" to "end-May" on our store site - https://www.sonystyle.co.uk/SonyStyle/MP3-W...o/NWZX1060B.CE7 So last week of May it is then!
  13. Maybe... But then if you mean the main exterior shells and not a thing to go over it – If you do buy some, you will void your Sony warranty for one thing and secondly would be risky taking it apart without messing something up…Unless you’re good at that sort of thing. lol Still not got them in-store yet, odd as we normally get them before anyone else… I’m excited to get my hands on a final product version and try out that web browser! I'm 98% sure it will be out in the UK by the end of this month, at least, via www.sonystyle.co.uk anyway, as we are still got the 'end-May' on them both. S
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