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  1. Victor MD | Victor XM-C17P-S (Silver) This is the silver version of the Victor XM-C17
  2. Yes, they feature Saehan's classic design as featured on other discs with the semi frosted front, but in neon yellow and dark blue, with matching translucent cases (photo courtesy of Jay Tilston).
  3. Victor MD | Victor XM-C17-R (Red) Presenting the Victor XM-C17 in Red. I love the deep red colour of this one (compared to the slightly more garish red of the C11).
  4. Benetton MD | MD74 I'm not too sure of the year on these ones, but they were made by Saehan of Korea for Benetton, sold in Japan. Two colours - Blue and Yellow.
  5. If you need some discs I can send you some - not MDW80Ts but can no doubt find something to suit!
  6. Me too! That is true for quite a lot of blanks! 😅
  7. The discs themselves are indeed relatively plain. Black rear shell.
  8. Scouter MD | Scouter 80 Minute series The Scouter brand was produced by the Komodakamikogoyo corporation, a company mainly concerned with producing paper and other raw materials for stationary. It was the only series of discs ever released by them and came in 3 colours - Black, Blue, and Red. Manufactured in Korea by Saehan.
  9. I'm not sure he is even into collecting MD blanks is he? I don't know, I haven't seen too many of his video, the ones I have seen were mostly hardware related
  10. Daiso MD | Cutipop Series (2022 Revisited) This series from Daiso was released originally in 2005, although only the black and white discs. The grey appeared much later in 2007 and is believed to be a limited edition. It is one of the hardest (if not the hardest) of all Daiso MD's to find (and indeed of any brand). The grey was only available in the "no case" variant, but the white and black came in "with case" and "without case" variants.
  11. Daiso MD | Window Series (2022 Revisted) Daiso's Window Series is available in seven color schemes: Silver, Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. This series was released in 2004. Made by Saehan of Korea. Only available in 74 min variants. * Individual disc photos to follow
  12. The 520 looks to be in good shape - nice! ☺️ I never use VPT either, I think it's a fairly useless feature - a bit of novelty, but generally makes everything sound worse in my experience.
  13. Thanks! It's one of my favourite players ever.
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