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  1. I don't know if that model even supports Virtualization, but I would try this link: https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/laptop-pc-vgn-series/vgn-fz240e/articles/00049036 Then review these steps and check if you actually have the option in the BIOS: Press F2 or F3 when restarting: Alternatively: F1 If your VAIO has an ASSIST key, try to press and hold it while you power on the laptop. This also works if your Sony VAIO came with Windows 8 With the computer turned completely off, press and hold the Assist button until the black VAIO screen appears NOTE: The location of the Assist button will be different depending on the computer model. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the computer for the exact location of the Assist button on your model At the VAIOCare | Rescue Mode screen, press the Down Arrow key until the Start BIOS setup [F2] option is highlighted, and then press the Enter key In the [BIOS Name] Setup Utility screen, press the right-arrow key until the Advanced tab is selected On the Advanced tab, press the down-arrow key until Intel(R) Virtualization Technology is selected and then press the Enter key Use the arrow keys to select Enabled, and then press the Enter key Press the right-arrow key until the Exit tab is selected Press the down-arrow key until Exit Setup is selected and then press the Enter key In the Save screen, verify Yes is selected and then press the Enter key
  2. * For the answer to this issue, please refer to this pinned topic, courtesy of @rh1ozuser - now closing this topic.
  3. The silver EH50 arrived today. For some reason, the sled with the laser on it was all the way out at the edge of the player as opposed to being in the usual resting place in the centre. Quick test and everything is working as expected, but I do wonder if it maybe needs a tiny bit of lubrication on there somewhere as I'm not 100% convinced about the noise it makes when moving from the beginning to the end of the disc for example compared to my other players.. Other than that, seems to be almost as new, boxed with all the accessories etc..
  4. Understood.. BTW the PM's are a bit hit and miss at present due to the storage issue...
  5. Bit off-topic, but what happened to Jim?
  6. Hi Aaron, Thanks for keeping us updated. I like your website too, it seems like a very useful resource for Thai MD users. You probably weren't aware but the section on remotes actually originated here: I probably need to tidy it up a bit, but the info is still good I think. I guess so as it has been copied on to various other websites lots of times over the years. 😉 If there is anything we can help you with in regards to software or other MD related info, just let us know. I like the guides you have with screenshots etc.. We should probably update some of our own software section here at some point..
  7. Ideally, I am looking for one as close to unused as possible, no damage and with all the accessories (preferably boxed).
  8. I would really like a pink one, but haven't yet managed to find one in good enough condition. Or if I did, they sold before I could get to them.. Not to worry 🙂
  9. The blanks were for the collection and for recording also. Box of Panasonics, some Axia singles, Sony Red Hot (will use those as I have dozens already), TDK Fine, and some interesting Sony's in retail hangers and a TopValu 1st series, some Daiso's and probably some other stuff I can't remember... (oh a couple packs of Bit Clubs - the Blue telegraph wires ones and the original translucent bar codes).. Sorry, I meant another EH50 in general. I just have one silver and one blue. 😉
  10. The MXD-D4 sounds interesting Kevin. Look forward to seeing the pictures! This week I was completely swamped with work, but did get to spend a couple of hours with the Victor XM-B22P which arrived on Thursday. First impressions are very favourable, a nice little player and sounds really good too. I'll post some pictures as soon as we are able. A shipment of blanks from Japan also arrived on Thursday, oh and I bought another MZ-EH50 (silver) - oops..
  11. Only managed to watch about half an hour of it so far, but some interesting units in there. A white E630 the same as mine, and the EH930 is also a good find. Will be interesting to see which ones actually work..
  12. Let me do a test... Yep - same problem... Let me see if I can reach out to Chris
  13. Of course, I'll definitely post some pictures when it arrives (hopefully next week). Not sure what your colleagues use to listen to music, but that's a bit rich, given that most modern smartphones are probably twice the size an MD player. 😆 Even my Onkyo DAP is a brick compared to most player-only MD Walkman's in my collection. I would probably get the same kind of comments as you did from my colleagues, the vast majority of whom are all younger than me...
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