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    MZ-RH1, PSP, PS3, CyberShot Marc Sweiss ect...
  1. sescoscuba

    you're welcome
  2. Minidiscs New + Used + Sony MD Towers + Remote

    oh the Bianca are sweeet ! some still available?
  3. For sale or trade - 5 Sony Hi-MD 1gb discs

    Does the HI-MD are gone yet?
  4. sescoscuba

    Here's my feedback Sergio's have been realy kind and all, he send me a lot of almost 60 MD that i choose that he send from italy to france he worries about the rate of shiping and help me to keep the price lowest as it can be his price are honest (not like on ebay ) he have a great collection everything goes fine, i've received my package for christmas ^^ highly recommended of course
  5. Selling mds and HiMd

    Hi nice collection here so, everything is still available? if its yes i wanna buy some of these i just got a shiny MZ-RH1 (that i have for dream since long time) now it just miss me some md to feed him