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    listen very well, naim, klimo, tannoy


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    MD since 1995; Serious collector (addict) since 2009 HiMD: 2xRH1, 2xNH 1, 1 NH3D, 2xRH910, 2 x RH10, 1 RH900, 1 RH800, 2xNH710, 1 rh700, 2xNH600, 1 EH70, 1 x EH 50 Net md: 2 x n1 , 2 x n 10 2 x N910, 2 x r 900, 1 x N505, 1 x R91, 1 x r 55, 1 x r 35.,1x r 30 plus more Panasoni, sharp, aiwa, grundig ect.

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  1. Hi all. I agree with what is written before me. The 74 sounds better of 80 min; (in fact the only REAL professional mds are 74 min) l ' 80 min has a longer access time compared to 74 min. Many mds cheap, after 10 years, have a disconnect of the shell; more frequently: maxell cheap, Sony Prism 1° version,TDK color european version. For me the best as resistance are the Axia. The magnetic media was produced from my research (see article) only from 5 different factories; all variants of many brands were commissioned at these factories. I hope I have helped you. A good day at all.
  2. Ciao Riccardo, felice di scoprire che questo sito è frequentato da un altro italiano :-))))). Buona giornata Sergio
  3. A warm greeting to all, my friends I have started to change both my sites, minidisc site I changed some photos, added others, improved the English (I hope) and added additional descriptions. In crazy for minidisc, among other photos will be added in the next month, I have started to add data on brand and description of the blank. New: I'll add the rarity of blank described. I started with Avox Evo and some Axia. This work will require several months, (this is not my main job) and I ask your opinion if you feel it can be more useful to all of us, fans of minidisc. A nice day to all. Sergio
  4. Hi punk, they aren t rare, is one of the most common TDK produced. Lucir were product in 2 series, 1° bluette, little sparkling, 74 / 80 min, 2 °series blue and pink, both 74 and 80 min. A nice day to all Sergio
  5. A greeting to all. I added photos to the site "history of minidisc"; I also had to reduce the size of some photos because available space would not allow me to upload more. A nice day to all Sergio
  6. Hi guys i ll change only history of minidisc web site. I ve no more space to upload photos. A nice day to all Sergio
  7. New photos in picasa, some in rare brands, scouter, finally tdk Md Xg reverse shutter, completed some Maxell series, added some Denon, Victor ecc... A nice day to all Sergio
  8. A survey; I want an opinion on ease to view my photos on my sites; I'd be willing to downsize and most importantly to optimize my images for the web. I wanted to know if you have problems uploading the images, and then if you feel are too "heavy". Any advice is welcome. A nice day to all Sergio
  9. Hi, for me are just Bit Club naked, before printing of the various patterns. Zebra, fire arrows, one traffic, have the same opaque white base. In my view, to have the security you need to perform an autopsy. Open Them! :-))) Nice shot!!!! A good day to all Sergio
  10. Hi Qualia, .... and if there were a list of people in this forum interested in buying those, you'd be so kind as to place an order for us? Of course then you should also send them:-) I wish you a good day Sergio
  11. Zo, I share your opinion; I guess the amount of rare minidisc which were thrown in the Trash because "obsolete". ...... and if we assume a couple of "homeless" look for in the garbage of Tokyo and Yokohama? Consumerism in Japan I think is unimaginable levels; I wrote to TDK Museum to get updates about Bit Club; they no longer know even what they are. After my letter there have been 15 hits to my site from the city where is located the "TDK Museum" A nice day to all
  12. Are really nice ES. 1 or 2 edition? In japanese market you can buy a lot of mds sealed at 1 euro / each; aside rare MDs, really limited edition or rare brands, the only " high price " MDs are ES; i ve seen a 5 - 74 pack, don t remember if 1 or 2 edition, sell at 30 $. A nice day to all Sergio
  13. only blue here, as Zo said, probably 5 colors series. A nice day to all
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