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  1. Sonicstage for MZ-NH1

    well 4.3 version must be working. It works with mz-nh600 hi md
  2. Windows 10

    Well wich version of windows 10? After installing the sonic stage, please set the compatility mode on win 7/8
  3. Windows 10

    Well that's good to hear. It is better than the spotify things. Do you also use a portable MD?
  4. Windows 10

    Is it possible to use an sharp im-dr420h with sonic stage? and does anyone know where i can find drivers?
  5. Windows 10

    well the netbooks is 32 bit and the pc 64 bit.... so i tried now on the netbook with the right driver. And it works. Thank you very much for your help!!!!
  6. Windows 10

    i tried the net md diver in the save mode. but is says this not build for the system.
  7. Windows 10

    I found the drivers for the net md, but if i want to install it says the file is damaged or corrupt
  8. Windows 10

    64-bit. But it says no divers found. Wich download a need for the right drivers. And how to install.
  9. Windows 10

    Does anyone knows how connect the mds_je780 with the software?
  10. Windows 10

    I have my sony MZ N707 running on windows 10. Does anyone have some other types of players on windows 10
  11. NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista

    Could some help. I have an sony md mz n505. OS windows 8.1 but it won't install the driver. I have download the driver here, but the file is damaged or not good anyway.