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    ONKYO MD133 & MZ-RH910 & MZ-NH1 (x2) & A lot of Hi-MD
  1. MZ-NH1 USB adapter cable

    Salut PhillipeC, Merci, je connais bien en tant que lecteur le forum laserdiscplaza.fr. Mais sur ton invitation je vais peut-être me décider à m'inscrire ;-)
  2. MZ-NH1 USB adapter cable

    Hi, I have two. I can sell you one at a reasonable price. However, like all USB cables of the MZ-NH1, the USB plug works but the plastic is damaged (but repaired with tape). MP if you're interested.
  3. Charging lamp MZ-NH1

    Yeah, you're probably right.
  4. Charging lamp MZ-NH1

    The charge is working (CHR time is displayed on the screen and the battery is charged after 1 hour). Maybe a voltage fault...
  5. Charging lamp MZ-NH1

    Hi, I'm new on this forurm and I have a problem when my MZ-NH1 is charging. The Charging lamp does not work anymore. Has anyone ever encountered this problem?