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  1. The battery could be dead. The LIP-4WM batteries are ungodly expensive ~$100 but there is a thread with a take apart fix with a generic core battery on ebay. If it is one of the double ended gumstick batteries, the replacements are relatively inexpensive ($15 - 20) on amazon or ebay. From some quick googling it looks like it takes the cheap gumstick ones which might be worth replacing. Personally I'd try to sand slightly the blue off so it is bare rough metal with emory cloth and slightly bend the tab so I know it is making contact. Other steps to try - Do you have LIP-4WM battery or the other gumstick where it has a contact on both ends? On the LIP-4WM battery both contacts positive/negative are on one side, which is the side inside the player. For that battery you can lightly sand with some emory cloth (like sandpaper but no sand) to rough up the contacts on the battery itself. If that is the other gumstick where it has the contacts on both sides, you can sand down that blue spot with emory cloth as well making sure that metal is touching metal. You can also do that to the battery contacts itself.
  2. Does anyone have this remote and know if it supports english language? From the places I see it is multilanguage and supports korean, kanji but doesn't specify if it supports english. I got my initial information from here
  3. Does anyone know where to get these anymore? I got a very nice MZ-NH1 but it didn't have the USB cable so I can't connect it to sonicstage. I've scoured the internet (even trying to order from a questionable site) and can't find one. There is one on ebay for $110 but it isn't worth it at that point since I can probably find a n10 or something for a little bit more with the cable.
  4. Of note, I did test out just a transfer of mp3 to a hi-md formatted disc. Indeed you can't play it like that. Has to go through sonic stage - just acts as PC storage when connected to windows
  5. I used sonic stage and just dragg I just formatted disc (regular MD) as hi-md, then drug my amazon MP3s to sonic stage and transfered them over with no conversion. It does show up as a drive in win 10 with the appropriate 64 bit driver so they could probably be drug directly across
  6. Tanks everyone for your responses! What is the 352 option? PCM?
  7. Thanks, oddly after I typed the email, I noticed that the choice between Hi-SP and Hi-LP dissapeared from Sonicstage after I inserted the HI-MD formatted regular MD. I'm unsure of where the HI-SP and HI-LP options to transfer went, or it was a bug before.
  8. So I bought a MZ-M200, love it - I have a selection of everything from FLAC (not that much) and mostly MP3 from 128 - 3xx) with a lot at 192 I've successfully got SonicStage setup on win10 with the net64 drivers, and have formatted a few discs to HI-MD (I don't have any true HI-MD discs yet) Quite a bit of the music I have been downloading from amazon seems all MP3 265 Should I be converting the MP3 265's to HI-SP? Or just transferring straight across as MP3s 265s I know the HI-LP seem to be less quality than the MP3 265s from reading. What about 192 MP3s? Less concerned about storage space so I'm thinking either Hi-SP or MP3 256, 192 or above. Does converting the MP3 256 to HI-SP not increase the quality and pointless other than maybe saving space? Thanks, Anthony
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