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  1. I have the exact issue myself with two of them decks. 780 and 440. Did you ever get a resolution to get the spindle motor working again?
  2. @Roger2005 I found another way that might be useful! Instead of tattoo like transfers, something like vinyl could work. Printable HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl), you can print on these in your inkjet then cut them out of the template then use a iron or heat gun to apply to the MD.. I think the transfers come with heat protective film. Im going to try this myself on a few MDs, just waiting on the sheets to arrive.
  3. hey @Roger2005 love your full body labels! Have you thought about using some sort of transfer paper to get the ink directly onto the MD? Like a tattoo transfer paper with a cold peel? I know you’d probably have to spray the MDs with some kind of white paint or coating as most are transparent plastic cases.. but just an idea! Something like this but much cheaper..
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