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  1. The new website is here: https://mdchannel.shutterfly.com/pictures/5 The site has expanded with some "borrowed" images from Sergio's site. Not sure why the site didn't morph into Google Photos, but there you go. Like its predecessor, still impossible to find via a google search.
  2. I have a 980 and use Victor/JVC discs all the time without issue. As for fixing it is most likely going to be the transport that is going to be the issue. Should Jimma or someone else in Europe/North America agree to look at the unit, I believe you can just send them the transport. Much cheaper. When I tried to fix a friends 780 I just swapped the transport and it was good to go. Alas, that's the easy way. Shame that there isn't anyone in Australia that can fix this type of stuff. It's the same for getting old cassette decks fixed :-(
  3. Bluecrab - I had trouble initially. It doesn't matter what products you put in your profile, you have to add these to your "Signature"
  4. You don't become a curator of a minidisc museum without hundreds of purchases on EBAY and beyond! I'm currently nearing 500. Some of that is selling but most is from purchases. Not all from MD purchases but the majority of.
  5. The guy selling this is none other than Gary Bingner, the guy responsible or the guy who ran minidisc.org. The amount of minidisc stuff this guy had was astounding. I have to thank Gary for a lot of my rare minidiscs. He is famous for owning a lot of minidisc gear and never opening it or even using it. A bit of a legend in my book!
  6. My head unit in the car can display CD text. Titles I know that have CD text are: Ministry - Relapse Gary Clark Jr - Blak & Blu
  7. I have to confess I don't use SonicStage much but after a purchase of a CD (another rare event) then I wanted to record the CD onto a minidisc. I don't have a CD player anymore so I have to use SS. However when it comes to import a CD then my head spins with all the options available. After reading this topic I decided to import the CD using AAL 256. As I'm currently using an MZ-R910 as my main portable then I needed to transfer using NETMD. However when I tried to transfer I got an error during the transfer (during the first two tracks). So as a test I reformatted the disc as HiMD and re-
  8. Hmm, sounds very similar to my own story. I would record MD to PC using a Creative external box and software. Record whole MD's to MP3 real time. Then load the whole MP3 file into Soundforge and edit out the rubbish so I would have a near seamless audio file. It was about 10 years ago that I did that I now I listen to these recordings more via MD than I do via the PC or an MP3 player. These days MD is more a hobby than anything else, so I'm currently in the stage of making up labels for all my old radio show discs. Long live MD!
  9. I didn't think it was possible that there were any more TDK Bit Club minidiscs out there. These are obscure as they come. The first disc was discovered in a bunch of used discs. The photos were pretty distant but I could see what looked like an early Bit Club shutter. However the disc looked rather plain apart from some design that I couldn't recognised. I cross referenced it with all the other Bit Clubs that I know of but nothing came close. It could have been a made up disc but for 500YEN it was worth the purchase. With anticipation I waited for the bunch of discs to arrive and was presented
  10. Was there anything special about making these stickers? Is the logo simply printed onto the foil paper? Any information on how these were made would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. zokuchou

    FLAC to MD

    Regular MD but I have a few Hi-MD discs if required. Thanks.
  12. zokuchou

    FLAC to MD

    Thanks everyone. I do have an RH1 and this is what I currently use with CDs and SS. Doesn't Soundforge cost money these days?
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