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  1. Hey, I did all what you say (in my way, I didn't want to break while twisting so I screwed a toothpick above the slats an entire day in order to bend gently etc.) and it still didn't work : the head was stuck in its upper position. Then I watched your photos again, and the white plastic piece I circled in red in my last photo was really totally twisted and the lever couldn't move the "arm". And now... even if it's not perfect... surprise : Thanks so so much to eveyone for your patience and your help. Thanks to @jonathanpotato for your guide, your pics and videos
  2. Ok, I did the first part but it jumps above the metal plate because it’s badly bent. I wonder, do the two stripes (in yellow on your pic) should be straight, or a bit curved. I hope it won’t break. But if I experience worst case scenario, and the OWH breaks, could the deck still work as a playing unit? Do you think new heads can be found or would I have to buy the full block (same price as the deck itself)? I’m not sure it does worth it, if the switch is about to die too and I already had to Macgyver the microswitch... Edit: I found this one but I don’t know that website at all.
  3. Thanks, it worked! I used a Q-tip with isopropanol on the switch, and after a few seconds it came back to its initial position. I don't know if it will fail again, but at least I know what's going on. Thanks a lot. Now that the head goes back to IN position when I eject a disc, it starts playing it a little bit faster. But the OWH is still unusable. I can't record anymore. The OWH position seems to be badly bent because of the time it spent in that way. I don't know how to fix that... It may be suicide, but I did try your "virtual minidisc" tip in service mode while pushing
  4. I really bent it gently it's not even visible. I didn't force at all.
  5. So, you mean that I'm experiencing every single known issues? Seems more a Murphy than Occam stuff What could make the OWH not knowing where it is?
  6. I'll try it thank you. What's contact spray? Can isopropanol do the job (what I used to clean the lens)? I bent the head gently, so it doesn't seem to touch the metal rig when moving anymore (as seen in my video, when I skip from the first track to the last). I still can use this deck as long as I remember to go back to track 1 after reading or recording a disc. I don't have much hope, but I'm trying to do what I did when it wasn't able to read discs without multiple attempts : let it plugged in and play some discs. I'll check its behaviour after that. The head was doi
  7. I feel stupid when I read you! I don't really feel like I could disassemble more, I fear I couldn't reassemble or break something. I don't want to break something that is still working.
  8. Well, the head doesn't even try to go back to IN position when stopping or ejecting a disc. However, It has no problem to move to IN, MID or OUT position in test mode. So is it possible to do something with this switch or is it just dead? Well as I fixed the microswitch it doesn't turn on by itself and I still can use it as a DAC for my computer for now but it's sad.
  9. Well I did some tests with what you told me. The problem is that the head doesn't go back to the IN position so it can't eject. If I force it in "test mode" to go back to IN position, or if I just go back to Track 1 before ejecting, everything is great. Also, if it's not already in Track 1 when inserting a disc, it fails at reading it. If it's in IN position, it works. Is it possible to do something easily or is it just dead ? What is OHW? (sorry, English isn't my native language so I may miss some details) Thank you.
  10. Wow I forgot this part about the head position. Thanks I'm not good at mechanics, and definitely not a handyman. I hope it's not dying.
  11. Thanks a lot for trying to help. I just saw your replies, I took some pics and shot a new video to show the problem with multiple angles and in slow motion. So, the first thing I have to say is that I didn't remove the recording head, just removed metal plates and the electronic board in order to access the microswitch (more or less like in this tutorial http://snnake11.tripod.com/ - don't go there if you don't have a solid ad blocker -). The eject problem suddenly started after I played a minidisc as usual, not after I disassemble the deck. About the plastic sheet, I read that M
  12. Well, I let it unplugged for a couple of hours. I turned it on, the disc started to spin, then it displayed "disc error" and it struggled to eject the disc, but managed to do it. I put it back in the deck, it could play it immediately. But couldn't eject it anymore, the sled were stuck again in the metal plate. I checked the service manual, but didn't find anything in test mode about resetting or initializing the stepper motor.
  13. Thanks for your reply. As it was almost dead, I have to admit that I didn't think about it. I saw a tutorial online to disassemble and fix the microswitch. That was all, nothing about the service mode
  14. Hi everyone, I'm back with a new problem with my JE510 minidisc deck, and I hope someone here will be able to help me. So here is what happened first : I bought a mds-je510 player that was sold as working, but I struggled to make it read minidiscs. It was just spinnng a bit and then ejected the disc. It turned out that it was because it's been plugged out for a long time and if I let it plugged in, it reads and records minidiscs flawlessly. But someday it started to turn on by itself, so I decided to plug it in only when I needed it. Everything was fine until last week. I read
  15. Holly smoke, it did turn on itself this night... Is the fix with electrical tape really working for this issue?
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