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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm back with a new problem with my JE510 minidisc deck, and I hope someone here will be able to help me. So here is what happened first : I bought a mds-je510 player that was sold as working, but I struggled to make it read minidiscs. It was just spinnng a bit and then ejected the disc. It turned out that it was because it's been plugged out for a long time and if I let it plugged in, it reads and records minidiscs flawlessly. But someday it started to turn on by itself, so I decided to plug it in only when I needed it. Everything was fine until last week. I read a minidisc, then it couldn't eject it. It tried to eject the disc, then reloaded it. I tried to grab it as it was going out a little bit, and it went a bit crazy : if it was empty it tried to read a disc (TOC READING) and if I tried to put a disc in the player, it ejected it and started to do the "machine gun" noise. So I disassembled the player, I "fixed" the microswitch with some electrical tape, then reassembled everything. Everything was great : I could put a disc, it can read it, no flashing TOC reading, everything seems to be smooth. But I saw the head jumping out of its location, above the metal plate. So I read somewhere that Sony fixed it, adding a plastic sheet above that part, so I did this too. But I can't eject my disc anymore. I can insert the minidisc, it reads it flawlessly. But if I try to eject, the head seems to be stuck in the mechanism that is supposed to close the shutter. Then it reloads the disc, and the head doesn't seem to find where to start reading so it displays an reading error, tries to eject, then reload, then spins faster. I recorded the problem. Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this ? Thanks a lot
  2. Hey all, Recently came across a NetMD MiniDisc player (MZ-NE410) and was having some trouble with it. While it does work and plays discs fine, it seems to have a problem staying on. Whenever even a bit of pressure is put on the lid of the player (whether there be a disc in it or not), the unit shuts off. I thought it was a problem with the battery compartment but after trying multiple batteries and different methods, this phenomenon only seems to only happen when putting pressure on the lid. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Hello again Please read my first topic how the problem started and what i fixed so far: http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/29962-mz-rh1-recording-problem-hardware-solved/ After the recording mode worked like new, i have still recording problems. I know my workbench isn't.... but i did it with all my patient i can get in to it. So i think i didn't bend anything.... Reading normal disc = no problem Reading Hi-MD = no problem Writing normal disc = problem in the beginning = now normal Writing Hi-MD = not working.... Normal disc not recorded, but after i push with some force on the upper head it worked. So i forced bending the upper head a bit down, now the normal disc works. format, record, move, pc and mp3 (still i believe a bit slower than my working model) Hi-MD only plays. But in the middle of my adventure a short period of time it worked. also from pc and mp3. I just pushed the upper head (metal bending part) down with force..... Sometimes it works and other times i tried 1 hour and not a single time it worked. Does anybody have a solution? Is the problem the lower head/lens part, is the problem the upper part (to strong, to lose)? Is alignment needed or is the upper head not so important? Do i have to edit the parameters in the service mode? I hope you can see in the pictures how i push on the flex part to lower the upper head for testing. (really sometimes it worked, sometimes not.....) I know from opening my "good" RH1 the flex part in recording is flat on the metal part. Mine is still a bit in the air but i feel a good amount of force the head is pushing down on the disc in record mode.
  4. EASY TO DO, LONG LASTING, EXTERNAL POWER SOURCE FOR YOUR MD Thought I'd share my little invention, if you've had the same frustrating problem with a reliable long lasting power source for MD: Just take two large D-batteries (1,5V) and place them together on top of each other (in an own made toilet paper cardboard tube with correct diameter for example). Remember the lower battery's + pole must be in contact with the upper battery's - pole. So 1,5V + 1,5V = 3V, exactly what my MD recorder/player needs. Then, find a cable that fits to your MD's DC input jack (you can test it works), cut this cable and you'll find two small cables inside. Cut away a bit of the plastic coating on the end of both and fix the first cable firmly to the upper battery's uppermost surface, the second cable firmly to the lower battery's bottom (glue or other method). Of course you can also buy this stuff (D-battery holders for example) from stores. It is very important that all the cables and the two batteries have secure contact! I was blown away by the results of my test period with this power supply: outdoors, indoors, for hours, without changing batteries! Try it! Hope it works for you too, Best regards, MDHenry
  5. I started a post asking why extremely dead batteries on the RH-10 would not start charging. I read on a post that if you attach a charged AA via the piggyback battery holder and use the unit until the AA is drained, then the AA will charge the NIMH battery enough to allow the RH-10 to recognize it and charge it fully. In regards to these instructions....THEY WORK FLAWLESSLY!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much whoever suggested that!!! Sean
  6. Hello, Today, my computer has been re-installed with windows 7, and I wanted to download sonicstage to give a second life to my MZ-NH700. And I'm surprised that Sonicstage is not downloadable anymore ! The information come from Sony : http://www.sony.fr/support/fr/product/MZ-NH700/news/sonicstage_termination I'm very angry about that... Please do you have any solution ? Thanks a lot for your help. Grungytoto
  7. Hello ! I have just registered to this forum because I have recently gotten hold of a MD recorder, an MZ-N10, which I've got from a friend who had not used it in years, and who apparently did not plan to. The thing is, the unit won't read any MDs. Whenever I try an MD inside it, it fiddles around for a while making a loud whirring sound, eventually ending out with a "Read Error" alert. At first I thought it was just a problem with the MD but as I have another recorder that works, as I tested more and more MDs out it became apparent the problem came from the unit. Firstly I downloaded the manual off the internet and tried the "reboot" method that basically instructs to power down everything, let it rest for a while then power it back up, to no avail. Then I learned there was a service mode for the device, so I downloaded the service manual. After launching the service mode (with one of the methods that doesn't require you to disassemble the whole thing) and out of curiosity, I ran the self-diagnosis result display mode, to try to learn more about what could've caused the issue. This returned : 013 1 00B6 004 N 004B 035 N100B6 004 N200B6 000 R_004B Now I'm a complete noob when it comes to this kind of things, and I don't know if this would help, but the error codes indicate : a TOC address data error (013, which I have no idea what it is), two spindle errors indicating an abnormal rotation of disc (both 004 errors) and a MD DATA 2 disc error (the 035 one, which again, I have no idea what it might be). Have any of you had this problem before ? Is it repairable with having to send it back to Sony ? Thanks in advance ! All the best, A.
  8. Dear fellow vaio users, bought a vaio e series (i7, 8Gig) couple of weeks ago. Facing a strange problem and would highly appreciate your suggestions. I don't get sound on my speakers! If I turn it off and on (for several times) ... the problem gets fixed. But the same happens when I turn it on again (no sound, that is)!!! I tried everything (updating driver, reinstalling it, system restoring) .... even took help from sony vaio's online support. Nothing worked. Could somebody help plz??? What could be the cause of this strange problem? - Ashik.
  9. Hi fellas!, I need to know, if someone have the instructions an necessary files to hack the Volume and EQ in the Hi-MD MZ-RH710, recently got one, and i wanna take the maximum power of the MD. Cheers!
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