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Found 3 results

  1. Bit of an odd one, this. Apologies in advance for the lengthy post... As I mentioned elsewhere, my main MDS-JB980 started giving C13 errors on Saturday. Before I got around to taking the lid off to give it a clean, I plumbed in my second MDS-JB980 so I could do some recordings, which I did on Saturday evening. On Sunday, I tried to enter track names for a couple of songs I had recorded the day before but got a "Cannot Edit" message appear in the display. I was a bit bewildered by this. The disc didn't have the record-protect tab open (and that would give a different error message: "C11/Protected") and the disc had not been anywhere near a computer (so no "TrProtected" issues). I wondered if it might be because I had completely filled the disc (I ran out of space about 8 seconds before the end of the last song I was trying to record) but don't recall this ever having been a problem in the past. I then noticed that the deck was in Programme play mode (i.e. PGM was illuminated in the display). I thought this a bit odd as I hadn't been using Programme play mode but assumed I must have accidentally knocked the Play Mode button on either the deck or remote control at some point. Set it back to normal and was able to enter the track names. Okay, so far, not particularly interesting :-) I carried on messing about with a few different discs before I noticed the deck was now in Shuffle play mode (i.e. SHUF was illuminated in the display). Not sure if I was getting very clumsy but was pretty sure I hadn't been touching the Play Mode buttons. I had, however, had a couple of instances where I had to press the Eject button on the deck more than once to actually get it to eject the disc (not an eject issue in the usual sense with a failing belt but just no response from the deck when first pressed). I then noticed, when pressing Eject on the deck and the eject cycle not initiating, that the Play Mode changed in the display. It's not consistent, and doesn't appear to follow a pattern that I can discern, but I can replicate it and change the Play Mode with the Eject button. On the MDS-JB980, the Eject button is to the right of the loading slot/display screen whilst the Play Mode button is to the left, so they're not in any way adjacent. Has anyone encountered this sort of behaviour before? Any ideas what might be causing it?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm back with a new problem with my JE510 minidisc deck, and I hope someone here will be able to help me. So here is what happened first : I bought a mds-je510 player that was sold as working, but I struggled to make it read minidiscs. It was just spinnng a bit and then ejected the disc. It turned out that it was because it's been plugged out for a long time and if I let it plugged in, it reads and records minidiscs flawlessly. But someday it started to turn on by itself, so I decided to plug it in only when I needed it. Everything was fine until last week. I read a minidisc, then it couldn't eject it. It tried to eject the disc, then reloaded it. I tried to grab it as it was going out a little bit, and it went a bit crazy : if it was empty it tried to read a disc (TOC READING) and if I tried to put a disc in the player, it ejected it and started to do the "machine gun" noise. So I disassembled the player, I "fixed" the microswitch with some electrical tape, then reassembled everything. Everything was great : I could put a disc, it can read it, no flashing TOC reading, everything seems to be smooth. But I saw the head jumping out of its location, above the metal plate. So I read somewhere that Sony fixed it, adding a plastic sheet above that part, so I did this too. But I can't eject my disc anymore. I can insert the minidisc, it reads it flawlessly. But if I try to eject, the head seems to be stuck in the mechanism that is supposed to close the shutter. Then it reloads the disc, and the head doesn't seem to find where to start reading so it displays an reading error, tries to eject, then reload, then spins faster. I recorded the problem. Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this ? Thanks a lot
  3. Sony MDS-JE320 Discs go in fine and load and play normally, but upon ejection the disc comes out and the display flashes "WELCOME" and "EJECT" and I can hear the ejection system grinding. (Ew! Makes me sick) Even when I remove the disc this keeps happening until I power the unit off or load another disc. If I have no disc in the system and it's not freaking out, inserting a disc, even just an inch or so into the system starts this behaviour but again once the disc is loaded all is fine. I'm assuming there is some sort of sensor that needs cleaning. Maybe optical or contact sensor. Anyone fix this before? Have any tips? I'm pretty comfortable opening it but the load/play mechanism looks pretty complicated. Thanks guys for any feedback. :-)
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