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  1. SONY MZ-RH1 Featured In New GHOST WRITER Movie!

    I wonder why they used a minidisc instead of a mp3 recorder... maybe they realized the minidisc is a superior tech besides I think the character needs a hard copy of the recording or the minidisc recorder is related as a journalism's device... anyway, it's interesting, a minidisc recorder at 2010 film.
  2. pics Sony Ericsson W995a

    Thanks Stuge, let me tell you that apart for being a telephone (lol) it has great features despite of not being a smart phone, let me name some that I have in mind right now: - Sony Ericsson A2 platform: as always the SE software is very easy to use. - Wi-Fi connection: very easy to do, fast connectivity. - Assisted GPS: I havent test this yet. - WayFinder and Navigation: it comes with these two applications for the usage of the GPS, they doesn't work in my area though. - Google maps: it located me but with a 200 meter error lol... I dont know if the GSP was activated. - PS3 file sharing: the cellphone can share the files through the LAN so the PS3 can access them. - Accelerometer: for java games and flash applications. - Youtube: it can access any Youtube video (just great). - Facebook: there is a Facebook apps developed for SE, it is pretty neat. - 3G video call: it has a vga camera in fromt with light sensor. - Pictures camera: it comes with a 8.1 megapixels camera for still images, digital zoom 16x, image stabilizer (it actually works), face and smile detection among other features. - Video camera: it records video at QVGA resolution. - Walkman buttons: it has four dedicated buttons to control the Walkman playback even so it has the keys locked. - Stereo speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack: as I explained before. - Stylish finish: it has a metallic front and back cover. - Slider cellphone: the slide mechanims is pretty solid. - Support pages: it has a large number of web sites of sony ericcson community. As for the cons I think there are few: - Very pricey: I see it as a collector's item since it could be the last SE Walkman. - Normal handsfree: the W995a comes with normal pair of headphones, SE outside the Americas ships it with noise cancelling headphones or portable speakers. - Fragil screen: well I think this applies to any portable device with a big screen, it looks fragil lets hope it can stand a couple of falls.
  3. just shared some pics of my w995a

  4. Hi there, it has been a while since my last post. I haven't purchased any new equipment worthy to mention until now so I share some pics of my new cellphone, a Sony Ericsson W995a which is the top of the Walkman series and sadly it could be one of the last Walkman-branded to hit the market since SE is focusing on developing the so called "ultimate entertainment" equipment mixing the best of the camera phones with the walkman phones. Regaring to the W995a, it has a great sound quality almost as good as my old HD5, it comes with a 3.5mm audio jack to make an easier way to plug your loved headphones beside it comes with built-in stereo speakers which are pretty loud, the video player is superb with a screen size of 2.6" diagonal, with bright and colorful playbacks. It also comes with a 8gb memory M2 which is more that enough for my music and stuff (sadly I have my HD5 as backup hard drive). With nothing else to say, here are the pictures:
  5. HD5 & Sony car unit

    has anyone tried the new XPlod car units (CDX-GT81UW or CDX-GT610UI) with a USB port and the HD5?... the manual says that is possible to plug and control a Walkman device but it doesnt specify what kind of device. I read somewhere at the web that the minidisc players arent compatible, but it didnt say anything about the HDD players....
  6. PlayStation 3

    it's funny to read about this conjecture now. Im not worry about the PS3, Im willing to wait for a significant price drop, even if that means a year long
  7. so in other words, one might play FF7 on the psp.
  8. Rotary Commander for the NW-HD5?

    have anyone tried the rotary commander RMMC25 with the HD5? I was considering this remote to use the HD5 and minidisc players while Im driving. Thanks in advance for any comment.
  9. PSP2 on its way?

    I read an article about Sony is working on the next PSP, how strong do you think is this rumor? Im plannig to get a PSP but this info holds me back
  10. PSP Modchip: "Undiluted Platinum"

    I heard something about the memory trick, but you would need a specific PSP firmware and hardware, anyway the mod chip is as expensive as a giga memory, so I think the latter would be a better investment
  11. PSP Modchip: "Undiluted Platinum"

    A mod chip for the PSP isnt that usefull as for the consoles, there's no UMD copies For people from countries (myself included) where the price of the Software is too high to afford some good games the MOD chip is a salvation however my favorites games are original copies... btw Im also planning to get a PSP just for MGS:PO
  12. Sony Central Service a Total Joke

    bogon07 is right, I was talking about the media. In the case of HDD the media and player are one themself, if it gets broken there's no more player neither media. Of course any electronic device gets broken if they are mishandled, they are exposed to an extreme conditions or by natural deterioration, add to those that the hard drives still are a delicate components. I've heard stories from MDCF members where MD players have been dropped from desks and waist heights on hard floors and their player are alive and kicking. Im not starting a debate Im just saying that a MD player is more suitable for the tough work
  13. Sony Central Service a Total Joke

    Reading at this thread makes me realized the advantage to have a minidisc player as main portable unit.
  14. RM-MC40ELK with the NW-HD5?

    The remote on the HD5 has all playback basic functions plua EQ, 1 track, shuffle, unit, repeat, beep. And search functions: track, artist, album, genre, playlist, new tracks, initial track name. Besides other goodies
  15. Not possible to increase hard disk size in NW A3000?

    hey, this might confirm that the HD5 has a limited capacity of 30GB...