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  1. has anyone connects a NH1 to a DAC with USB input?

    thanks. I just assume the USB can be connected to a DAC. Oh well...
  2. any HiMD player that has optical output?

    someone just told me the mz-n1 head phone out, can be inserted by a mini toslink, and it HAS optical out. He said he's sure there is a red beam shining out from that hole. However, even if it's true, it's no good to me, as N1 is not Hi MD
  3. any HiMD player that has optical output?

    I solved the problem. It's not the best solution, but it's the best I can do. I connect 1 RCA jack cable to the remote, and connects the other end to the input of my Sony portable DAC. It's not a digital signal out, but until there is such a thing as optical out for MD portable, there is nothing further I can do to make sure of this DAC
  4. I have an Emotiva XDA1 that has a USB Type b female. Has anyone connects a NH1 to it? I thought we can use the black cable that c/w the NH1, connects to this: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=6561 and from the above, connects to this: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=5438 and from the above, connects to the back side of the USB port of my DAC. can this be done? If so, can you play your HiMD and you think the DAC can see the signal, process it, and send it to the speaker?
  5. any HiMD player that has optical output?

    when you said NW-S75x, are you talking about these: https://www44.atwiki.jp/sonynw/pages/40.html If we get an external converter that the source is optical, and the output is digital co-ax, don't we lost all the original quality of digital co-ax? meaning we are not getting the sound quality of digital co-ax because the source is optical?
  6. any HiMD player that has optical output?

    I did see Onkyo seems to have a desk model that support HiMD and has optical output. Personally, I prefer Co Ax output. I did see Tascam TEAC has an optical output on their deck, but they don't play HiMD, just MD see, I bought a Sony portable DAC, and I connect my portable CD player to it as I do my workout. The sound is great. So by listening to just the mini disc player to headphone, the sound is noticeably not as good. So I can't get all these files to my PC, as I mostly listen to these at the gym. As to the home use, I don't know how to play all these files eventhough if I copied them to the PC, at my DAC / speaker set
  7. any HiMD player that has optical output?

    I am looking for portable HiMD player of any brand that has an Optical output. Is there such a thing? If not, is there a way to use the head phone out as co-ax output by chance? Likewise, I am also looking for desk model of HiMD player / recorder that has Optical output or Diigtal co-ax output. Is there any brand name that makes that?
  8. Getting rid of my Minidisc Gear :(

    why are you selling all your mini disc gear? what are you moving to?
  9. actually it doesn't has to be sony. But does any co. still make high quality CD portable player? I would imagine the technology w/ a new CD player today is way better than those old CD portable player. But do they exist?
  10. Battery Riddiculousness.

    read this post regarding that very same battery
  11. here's a final update, it's somewhat off topic: I just try the Ext. AA battery pack, this Sony battery pack should work for most MD or CD player. As I use it, the battery indicator was at 1 dot, then move back up to 3 dot, and it moves back and forth. So the sensor of my battery strength changes. Any1 has any idea why?
  12. In that case, as to my MD player / recorder, I make the right choice by buying a made in japan unit. But my CD player, is made in malaysia, so I don't know if that's a good choice, but there is no player made in japan
  13. Here's an update: I am not go to waste time to try yet another brand name of NiMH battery. The original discman that I own c/w a AA battery casing that allows 1 x AA battery. I'm going to buy 4 x AA rechargable for $17, and I already have a charger long ago. The Energizer brand guarantee hold charges at 2300mAH for at least 1 year if you don't use it. So my total cost is $17 and if there is any problem, I send back to energizer.
  14. that's $32. I think I'm going in circle. I used to have those sony original battery, and they don't last all that long. Then I switch to those cheap battery. Just yesterday, I charge 1 of those battery that I haven't use for about 6 mth., it charges for 2 hr. or so, but when I press play, the battery is dead. So for me to use my CD player again, I need some new battery On an unrelated matter, I was at sony store yesterday, there is a $750 MP3 player coming out, if I buy it, then I don't need to look for battery