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  1. I have the following blanks for sale: most blanks are used, but in great condition. in jewel cases, but no stickers (unless stated otherwise). Axia im "select your style" (! these are hard to find these days) 5 x 74 min + 5 x 80 min TDK Music jack - 1 set with all colors (74 min) 1 set with all colors but blue, but 2x grey (74 min) not all are used, stickers are available TDK Wa - all colors (80 min) TDK Fine - all colors (80 min) TDK HO: pink, orange, blue 80 min still sealed 2x green, 1x pink no seal, but with stickers 80 min 1 Maxell monotone white 1 Hello Kitty Hi-md transplant (!) 3 discs Sony premium 80 min ( 2 have labels) 2 Sony 74 min ( 1 with label) 1 TDK MD-RXG 1 Sony orange 80 min disc still sealed Here are some pics of the blanks: NB: The Victor XKai and bitclub discs in the pics have been sold already... Please send me your offer. If you give me your location and preferred shipping method, I can give you the total including shipping. Payment will be with paypal
  2. I own a silver R50. Great machine! I have tried to sell it a few times, but it wasn't meant to be, and now I'm glad that I still on this nice MD-recorder! I did use it a lot to record with and use it's great line-out. Lately I haven't used it a lot, maybe I've become lazy and addicted to recording with the PC (RH1). I once did own an orange R50. I got it of ebay and unfortunatly the unit was scratched and in bad shape cosmetically. It did work though. I sold it and must admit that I haven't regret that choice. I have to have a mint one or none at all. Can't wait for your pictorial Isshi!
  3. Ellen

    Audio T Station?

    I can't eather... So Im glad I see you all here guys !!
  4. Ellen

    RH1 not charging!

    Well, it seems I also have a charging problem with my RH1. I don't use it that much and it's always connected to the computer (or is it best to not do that?) Now it seems the battery is completely drained. The unit just seemed really dead :-( It didn't respond to anything. Not with connecting (again) to the pc. It also didn't gave any sign of life when connected to the wall adaptor. Luckily I own a EH1. This one uses the same battery and there was still a bit of energy left. I switched the batteries and now the RH1 is loading from the wall adaptor..... Any ideas how this problem may have occured? And what's best to avoid this in the future?
  5. Does it? I didn't know that! Is this only when recording optical from CD or also when recording via SonicStage?
  6. Do you have pictures?
  7. Does anyone know if it's possible to select some songs as a playlist and play only thesong in the playlist on shuffle??
  8. Ellen

    FS: MZ-E75

    What's the color? Waiting for the pic(s)!!
  9. For more information, see my thread at the T-board: http://www.audiotstation.com/forum/showthread.php?t=30339 If interested, just drop me a pm!
  10. How do you like the Eject clip? With my Panasonic it works, but only to just open it up and pop out the disc. The door closes directly after, so it's difficult to change the discs (have to keep the door open with my fingers and then try to remove the disc without closing the door again and trying to put in a new one).... Is this the same with your unit or do I have a faulty Eject clip? By the way; great pictorial of a very nice unit!!
  11. Just as Culp did, I bought a pair of Super.Fi 5 pro's yesterday! Can't wait for them to arrive
  12. I own 9 portables (see signature) and 1 minisystem from Sony
  13. These look like them, but are much flatter. The E2c have a much bigger part sticking out of your ear. These are so flat that you can lie on your side with the phones in and without hurting your ear. For the sound; these are so called in ear monitors and they have a dual driver system. The Shure's have a single driver.
  14. I edited my post with smaller pics, Ishi!
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