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  1. Take apart my MZ-E10 for maintain the system.

    Yeah, ebay is your friend for this item. I do not have an extra one to sell.....
  2. Take apart my MZ-E10 for maintain the system.

    Look for this on Ebay: Sony AC-ES605K PS: I never found a reasonably priced battery for this model. A German site claims to have this battery on ebay for about $20, but that is not correct. I had to return it. I just display my unit as a collector's piece at home and I am happy with this. I don't want to rick breaking this unit further by taking it apart, it is extremely small.
  3. Take apart my MZ-E10 for maintain the system.

    okay, I got the charger and put the MZ-E10 unit on to charge. The light turns red and stays red for a while. Then the red light goes out. The manual says the light should turn from red to orange to Green, then go out when don charging. I left the unit to charge for several hours. The behavior of the unit when off the charger is the same as before. The three color LED will cycle and attempt to access the disk.I can hear the disk spinning and the laser pickup attempting to find a track. But the disc stops spinning very soon, perhaps not enough power... The three color LED cycle over and over.. the remote control seems to send commands Okay to the unit, but the remote does not light up or show anything on the display. I am wondering if the unit is trying to tell me that the battery is dead and cannot fully start the system. I have a new battery on order and we'll see about replacing it. I have read terrible stories about replacing the battery on this unit. I am trying to avoid replacing the battery in case anyone has any other ideas of what is wrong. The unit looks to be in mint condition inside and out. Please let me know if you want me to post a video of what I see more... HELP..
  4. Take apart my MZ-E10 for maintain the system.

    Hi Guys, I just got a new looking Sony MZ-E10 which seems to power on OK, but the 3-color LED flashes very fast when I hit PLAY, and does not start playing the disc. I also cannot get any display to come on the remote control. Is this just a sign that the battery needs to be charged? I have the Sony charger on order, so I can't verify if all it needs is a good charge. Thanks for your replies, Fabian.
  5. ISO: MD deck for quick transfers

    Hi Paperclip, I also have a small collection of about fourty 60-and-74 Min SP minidiscs which I am wanting to transfer to mp3 files. How much would you charge if I sent you the discs to transfer the audio tracks to a couple of CDR disc? Thanks, Fabian.
  6. MDCF's Database of MD Sightings Report

    You have 2 Sony MD DATA BOOK w/keyboard ? Also, if Sony would have come out with that April Fools item, I would have clawed my way into the electronics store and bought a handful. F.
  7. MDCF's Database of MD Sightings Report

    What? Sony MD DATA BOOK w/keyboard???? I don't see it in the MD product list:: http://www.minidisc.org/md_data_table.html Can someone post some pictures of this Sony MD DATA BOOK? I have seen almost all the MD-DATA devices, but no Sony MD DATA BOOK.... BTW: My favorite post ever on the MD comm page: http://www.minidisc.org/mz-r110pda.htm Thanks F.
  8. Ages of minidisc users

    I'm 36 and have used MDs since the very first MDS-101 came out in 1991. I was immediately sold on the format and was able to convince my dad to buy me the MDS-101 home deck as a high-school graduation gift. Alas, I have a large MD collection, but have since moved on to other electronics/formats. I love my MDs however and will never parts with my MD toys. F.

    Wow, that is a sweet unit. If I recall correctly, aren't these the industrial units which you can make exact duplicate copies of MDs with? They used to be worth a fortune. Thanks, F.
  10. Used MD player/recorders from Japan

    Dude.. Brainstorm.. one of my favorite movies! And of course there is "Strange Days"where they show MD equipment all through the movie.. F.
  11. Anyone wants brand-new MDs?

    Gosh, those ES 80-minute 5-pack bricks are awfully sweet.. I remember when those ES MDs went for $20 for one disk.
  12. WTB MDS-501 or a Minidisc shelf system

    Wow, the MDS-501 was my favorite home deck after a short stint with a MDS-101. I loved the 501 for several years until it died after unpacking it during a house move. Good thing I got a 5-year warranty, since Circuit City gave me a MDS-JB920 which i still own. About the 501, there is just something about the sleekness and usability of the buttons; back before the days of USB and PC connections. I would spend hours editing down my CDs and making my music collections.. Aww, those were some fun times... F.
  13. Sony Unveils New Hi-MD & NetMD Walkmans

    About the MP3 feature.. Can you just play MP3's.. or can you edit them like a regular ATRAC audio track..? About the camera.. no flash.. darn.. but very interesting.. would like to see the reviews on this unit when it comes out.. F.