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  1. Faster forward? (NW-S706F)

    Thinking out loud here but I recall back in the day that my aiwa md unit could split atrac tracks on the unit it self. This got me thinking - I don't know anything about your player series, but if you are using sonicstage you can divide tracks if they are atrac/pcm (per atrac help). You could divide the track into 2minute segments and This would allow you to skip to approx where you want to start. Yay for atrac :-)
  2. managing albums on my NW-S706F player using SonicStage

    Marty, do you mean that you want those couple of songs from each album in a single album, like a compilation CD? If this is the case, use one of the existing albums that has songs that you want in your compilation. Rename this to "various" Go to the another album that you want to be part of the "various" album. Go to this album's properties, change the album' name to "various" Also ensure that the compilation checkbox is also ticked. This should merge the two albums together. Do this for the other albums you want to be part of the "various" album. Hope this helps.
  3. Where are my Sonicstage music files stored?

    I agree I backed up, deleted through SS then restored to the new directory. It worked but took a lot longer Had I known that changing the location would prompt SS to ask me if I wanted to move my liabrary I would have done it the way "Maxthrusters" suggested. I guess you live and learn...
  4. Problem transferring songs onto my NW-HD1

    are you using version 4.3 of SS? Does it do the same thing when you transfer only one track at a time? A couple of random suggestions: Have you tried a different USB port on your computer? Optimised the library? You could try backing up your music library, and reinstalling SS if you haven't tried this already. Could it be other software conflict? Could try running in safe mode and only running this software to help diagnose.
  5. NW-A1200 System Error (No. 032)

    Have you searched arround for a service manual? This may have the error codes in it. I don't know anything about your unit, but I am assuming you followed the manual for the formatting procedure?
  6. SonicStage 4.4 CP is out in Japan

    I did a google translation and had a quick read. Looks like AAC support? probably for the lastest PMP's if they want to (or have to) use SS
  7. Installing Sonic Stage on external HD?

    Further to my previous post, I purchased an external HDD last week as my c: drive had very little space on it. I backed up my music to my new external HDD I then deleted all the music via sonic stage (remove from library AND computer) I then restored my music onto my new external HDD from the backup. It all worked fine. I then set SS music directory for future imports etc to my new HDD. As mentioned in my previous post, when setting the SS music directory, it asks if you want to move all your music to this directory. Had I known this in the first place, I probably wouldn't have backed up, then restored and used this option instead. I guess going the backup route is more time consuming but the safe option. So, I now have all my music on an external HDD. In short, yes, you can move your music library to an external HDD. Hope this helps you. I don't know the answers to your other questions.
  8. Installing Sonic Stage on external HD?

    One thing I learnt from trial and error is that, rather than backup and deleting your music collection to then restore onto you new hdd, you can change location and SS will ask if you want your music transferred to the new hdd (directory) I would have done it this way, rather than backup, delete entire music collection, then restoring to new HDD.
  9. I'd just like to say......

    Hi I meant chinese unbranded player. While my wife's is supported by a local distributer, however it is a rebranded chinese player. It has some extra features that many of the unbranded chinese players don't have such as speaker, dual headphone out, voice recording, plays videos wide screen etc. I guess It wouldn't be too bad (for the price - $100 AUD for 4gig - 1.5"screen) if the software on the player was tweeked. It's just not intuitive or "friendly" to navigate.
  10. I'd just like to say......

    I've been playing arround and listening to my wife's generic 4gig MP4 player and, while I am impressed with its ability to play videos, and the FM radio, I'd have to say that I'll take my NW HD3 any day. Navigation is cumbersome and anoying. On this particular model you also can't look though your music while it is playing etc. The supplied software is terrible, though you can use windows media player to sync or other software. My biggest issue with it is the sound quality. Even with my seinhizer headphones the amount of feedback/static is quite bizare. Oh and battery life is arround 6-8 hours (music) I guess that's why I bought a sony. Great sounding music, easy to use player. Yes, I have my issues with SS, but I live with it. Anyway enough of a rant, just thought I would share this with the world.
  11. Sony NW HD1 !HELP!

    If I understand your problem, you can push on the screen, and the screen works. In my limited experience that sounds like a dry solder joint. Back to square one, unless you are a wizz with micro electronics.
  12. Please help

    I don't know about that particular model, but if I want to format my player (NW3) I need to use the menu in the player. If I use XP to format it, it won't work. Maybe check your manual or search your player's menu for a format option??
  13. Sony NW-HD3 Remotes

    I'm using RM-MC40ELK and it works great with my HD3. I'm sure there is a full thread on this topic as I used it to decide which model suited me. Have you done a search?
  14. Problem with duplicate Songs

    I have exactly the same problem, using sonic stage CD 4.3 and my NW HD3. Interestingly it is the same hardware combination. It only happens with certain albums, and each time you transfer music to the device, it will transfer the offending albums again (and again, and again,) It's like sonic stage doesn't realise that is has transferred the music and it is on the device. Not a solution, but a work arround I am currently using is to "uncheck" the offending albums prior to transferring. At least this way, you don't get multiple copies of the same album or songs.
  15. SS is an interesting piece of software. I have an song in the SSlibrary that is transferred to my HD3 every time I use the transfer button and therefore have to manually delete it from my HD3. I have obviously learnt now to unselect the particular album when transferring. Does anyone know why this is happening or know how to fix it? Have I selected something on that particular song that is causing SS to want to transfer it multiple times and never register that it has been transferred?