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  1. Thanks for reporting it. I cleaned it up.
  2. vaiofreak

    I HAVE to say this!

    We heard you guys!!! Do not worry, we'll try to get it going and keep it updated....sorry some of us went missing in action...Thanks for keeping the forum going! L8er!
  3. You can get it here; hope an update will follow up for the US & Europe.
  4. Hey guys, Just heads up. Looks like Sony Japan released a patch for SonicStage CP namely SonicStage Security Update Program You can get it here or wait till it is released in your region. L8er!
  5. Hey guys good news! I got a shipping confirmation! My 2 units are on the way, what a steal! Anyone else was able to snatch one for $24?
  6. OK, looks like SonyStyle has discovered the low price was too low to sell the MD Deck and they bumped it now to the original $149. I will see if they still honor and process my order for $24.
  7. Hey guys, Thought I would share the deal I came across on Sonystyle.com; looks like they are getting rid of MDS-JE480 MD Player/Recorders and selling them for only $24.95!!! If any of you are still into MD recording and playing, you will never see this deal again! Check it out, Free Shipping too! Link: http://tinyurl.com/33vgh3 Have fun! Stan
  8. I have upgraded mine to the latest firmware available from Sony and also updated the M-Crew software (Sony USA was nice enough to send a free CD if you don't wanna download 256 MB). I tried attaching a new updated manual here but the file seems too big. I also recently picked up VAIO WA1 Audio Streamer and am very happy with it especially after upgrading its firmware to the latest one as well that added a bunch of new features. I guess what I enjoy the most is the Web Radio without the need of the computer to be on (unlike IX001).
  9. I got one too and it is currently being used as my bed-side clock. I have not used it for Photo storage yet, but plan to marry it with one of my CyberShot cameras. It is a nice player just needs to be slimmer and lighter for nowadays market.
  10. To answer your questions: 1. the unit needs the PC to stream the webradio unfortunately. 2. I am still not sure if it is operational when you remove it (no clue why as of yet). I am planning to get it and see how it compares to my NAS-CZ1. One good point is it can play DRM music, that is one plus and supposedly it pumps out good sound.
  11. Hey guys, I ended up with an extra PS3 (wife bought for Xmas not realizing I picked one up as well) Feel free to email me with your offers. I am willing to ship Worldwide. PayPal verified and great Ebay feedback. I also have a Sony 5 Disc SACD Player that I would like to sell as well. Thanks! Stan _______________________________________________________________________________________ forgot to mention SOLD!!!
  12. Check out Sonystyle.com They are selling it. Link here Happy Thanksgiving! Stan
  13. I just read in the news that LocationFree Software will be available for Mac users as well. Read below: "Sony Corp. said Tuesday that it licensed its Location-Free technology to Kaga Electronics, which will port the technology to the Mac OS X platform. "Location Free" allows content on supported platforms to be routed wirelessly, through Son'y LF-PK1 basestation, to other PCs, an LCD monitor or even its Sony PSP handheld. Sony didn't say what Kaga would charge for the software, or when it would be released. Customers will be able to enjoy "LocationFree" with Windows Mobile and cellular phones as well as Mac OS X® product, Sony added. "As telecommunications infrastructure advances, Sony will increase licensing of 'LocationFree' software in order to expand the number of compatible products," the company said in a statement. "This will create a life style where TV and video content can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere."
  14. Thanks for updating. I totally forgot to test it out. Sorry about that. Glad it all worked out for ya!
  15. Here is a great deal for one of these if anyone is interested: $69 at UBID Compared to the original price tag of $200, 70 bucks is not bad at all. Still loving it.
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