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  1. The new blank disc from Sony. Is it the last?

    Definitely looks very similar. TBH I'm a bit surprised they are still making them. I thought they'd stopped a few years back. Where did you get the new discs from?
  2. Are Mini Discs (Blanks) still made?

    You could try: http://www.totalblankmedia.com/minidisc-c-...ca76bac7fcf418a They have a shop in London if that's local to you. Amazon.co.uk also have some in stock (both normal and Hi-MD).
  3. Is Sony Missing a Beat By Not Offering Hi-MD Options?

    I've held off getting Hi-MD due to the lack of a home hi-fi separates option. Decided to e-mail Sony (UK) and ask if they had any plans to release one and got the following reply: "Thank you for your recent enquiry. At present there are no plans to introduce a Hi-MD separate system and I am not aware of any future plans to release this type of product. It is therefore with regret that I am not able to provide any information on such a product at this time, but should we launch this type of product in the future details will be posted on our website, www.sony.co.uk. I am sorry for any disappointment this may cause." Wasn't especially surprised but disappointing anyway