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Sony VAIO NetMD PCGA-MDN1 Module for PC Use

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Hi all, my first post, been a lurker/watcher for a while.

I have recently (?) gotten into MD in a big way via a friend. I have it in the car , home and also walkman. I love it, BUT as I hate all these MP3 players out there (the ones you can't take home and listen to properly without loads of wires and reduced quality) I have one draw back i want to get over.

I have a Net MD player and sonicstage 3.2, fine, yes but i hate wires.....I want to fit an MD drive into a spare bay on my pc. I know sony did an MD data drive but it wouldn't work on music etc...

The reason for all this is that Soncistage titles everything and I have little time to do all that, lazy you may say, not with the spirit of it all I know but why waste time?

I found the Vaio MD drive on ebay PCGA-MDN1 and it arrived the other day for £7 incl postage!! I have taken it out of it's little case and it seems that I may be able to add it as a periferal via either my sound car or as a hard wired unit to the motherboard. Has anyone else thought of this or am I mad?


MD rules!!

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Welcome to MDCF!

Unfortunately, the PCGA-MDN1 NetMD module will not work with any other system; the module is a VAIO NV series exclusive and it has a proprietary connector which is employed only by the VAIO NV notebook series.

Since you have dismantled its outer shell you may want to explore (*acquire the service manual of one of the VAIO NV series notebook) the schematics of the module and order the proprietary connector - perhaps you can fix sometime up.

Good luck with your project.

thread moved to the appropriate section of the forum: NetMD + MDLP

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