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  1. * Can somone move this to the software forum please? Apparently I can't seem to do it...
  2. That is indeed "an answer". 😅 Unfortunately, the definitive answer is that MD-Data is not compatible with Hi-MD. Hi-MD formatted discs can store data in addition to music files and these can be written to / read from via the computer. MD Data was an earlier format, as @BearBoy mentioned used for multitrack recordings. Only MD Data devices can read MD Data discs. Perhaps this is where the confusion has arisen. As @imkidd57also mentioned, in relation to the NH3D specifically, it may be that at present it is not fully supported with WMD Pro. As for downloading / uploading / streaming - I would call copying back to the PC from MD "uploading" versus downloading from the PC to an MD device. But, maybe I'm just pedantic, I know some people like to use the inverse terminology. * Moving to minidisc sub-forum
  3. Nothing to be embarrassed about! All photos are appreciated! I have a kind of standardized setup that I have been using for a few years, with a light tent, my handheld camera and some minor edits on the computer afterwards. Far from pro, but it still takes a while sometimes. I usually go through short "spurts" of output, often punctuated by months of having no time and / or laziness😅
  4. Good to know. I might consider getting one as a backup at some point
  5. Axia MD | Axia MD C (1996) The Axia MD C was Axia's third disc design, again made by TDK and dating from 1996. It was again available in 60 and 74 minute variants. 74 Minute 5 pack in 10 disc box set
  6. Axia MD | Axia MD B (1995) The Axia MD B was Axia's second disc, and came out in 1995. It was made for Axia by TDK and featured their familiar cross-hatch patterned shell, and screws to hold the casing together. It was available in 60 and 74 minute variants. 74 Minute version, 5 pack in 10 disc box set
  7. Well it's just a standalone drive, made of plastic, no player functionality.
  8. Well there was the DS-HMD1 external Hi-MD drive, but that was also Japan only and for some reason they go for silly money now as well. The NH600D would do what you want and is probably a lot cheaper and easier to find given that it was sold worldwide and not just in Japan. The same for models like the MZ-NH700, MZ-NHF800, MZ-NH900. If you don't specifically need the Hi-MD functionality then you could even look for an older NetMD machine that can be used with WebMinidiscPro.
  9. I should probably do some proper pictorials for these, but I'm a bit lazy, so for now I'll just throw in a selection of random shots of some recent (well last 6 months let's say) acquisitions.. .
  10. Seems a bit of a shame not to actually use it as a player? Might as well get an NH600D if you just want a USB writer. You can get some aftermarket batteries from Gerry Li - haven't tried them myself
  11. Wow KJ Palmer.. there's a name from the long and distant past! Great to see you still around and still into MD!
  12. Well, for starters it was a Japan only unit so that was the only source for them. It does have both USB connectivity and Hi-MD and is an all metal unit, so it's pretty desirable compared to other cheaper units available outside of Japan. It was a flagship unit from the 1st gen Hi-MD but, was discontinued relatively quickly (but still on sale for a while). That said one of the members here came across a lot of surplus stock at one reseller, but that was in around 2007.
  13. A great unit, but a bit hard to find (at least in decent condition).
  14. Richard

    MD Collection

    Very nice! It did remind me of the one that came with the Qualia
  15. Richard

    MD Collection

    No, but looking at the leather pouch in the previous photo are we to infer that you might have? If so I would suggest that unit deserves a dedicated pictorial!
  16. Richard

    MD Collection

    Nice, what other Hi-MD units do you have?
  17. Richard

    MD Collection

    I have a feeling this is going to be a long thread 😅
  18. I cracked open a few Axia's and Denon's for recording on this week as well. I think Autobahn was one of the very first CD's I bought when I got a portable CD player in my teenage years (an early Sony Discman of course)
  19. Victor MD | Victor XM-C31 CN Sanrio Cinnamoroll MD Player This variation on the XM-C31 from 2004 is another Sanrio character related item from Victor. There were several Hello Kitty related models prior to this, but this time it's the turn of Cinnamoroll (シナモロール). The player comes with its own pale blue, color matched remote. Functionality is identical to the other Victor XM series players from this period (XM-C17, XM-C31 etc..). It has various custom EQ modes, including 3D effects, custom modes for train and subway, voice cancel mode, sleep timer and alarm.
  20. * Added Purple 2 Pack and 3 Pack Mix
  21. I see, must have all happened whilst I was asleep 😆
  22. I haven't noticed anything from my side. I generally check the forum once a day or so for the last week. I'm using Chrome on my laptop
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