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  1. Exactly - this like a few of the early discs falls into the "definitely looks better wrapped" category, along with the Scotch, early Sharps etc.. Wow - 30 years old!! I didn't even think of that
  2. * Pictorial updated with white disc overview
  3. * Pictorial updated with 80 minute 10 pack
  4. Victor MD | Victor XM-C31 (W) The Victor XM-C31 was released in October 2004 and came in several colour schemes - pink, blue and this which was nominally called white, although a large proportion of the unit is black. The front panel features a unique square design pattern.
  5. Sony MD | MDW-74 (1993) The Sony MDW-74, released on 10th April 1993 in Japan was Sony's first 74 minute disc. There are some early variations that feature the inverted design also seen on the early MDW-60's. There is also a later version with a slightly smaller embossed arrow in the top left hand corner.
  6. Those must be the European versions - they are indeed the same as the Ho (which was Japan only) apart from the shutter design. All great looking discs! I'll try and do a full pictorial on the Ho's separately.
  7. Reporting for duty 🙋‍♂️ (there doesn't seem to be a salute emoji on the forum software.. oh well)
  8. They could well be the TDK Ho series from 2003 which were also released in Europe a few years later with the same disc design, but a different shutter logo and were just called TDK Colour Series or something equally non-descript. Are they perhaps similar to these ones?
  9. I need to re-shoot some of the discs properly, but in the meantime, here is an example of some opened ones!
  10. TDK MD | Flower Mix Limited Edition Released in 2005, this hard to find series was a limited edition, exclusive to Japanese electronics retailer Bic Camera. The design of the discs is similar to the Ho series, but somewhat more subtle. There were just 2 colors - green and yellow. Available in packs of 10 containing 5 of each color and packs of 5 containing 3 greens and 2 yellows. The discs were 80 minutes only. I consider these together with the Bit Club designs some of the most beautiful discs ever from TDK.
  11. * Moved to Classifieds sub-forum
  12. Maybe this was the thread I was thinking of, but Avrin seemed to think that as well as being able to rip CD's to 105kbps 105kbps was in fact supported on Hi-MD formatted discs, but I guess not legacy MD formatted discs.
  13. I have a vague recollection that to enable LP3 to be transferred to NetMD (with SS) a registry key needed to be added / edited.
  14. Sorry, I'm late - Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a good xmas and wish everyone all the best and success in 2024! 🥳
  15. * Can somone move this to the software forum please? Apparently I can't seem to do it...
  16. That is indeed "an answer". 😅 Unfortunately, the definitive answer is that MD-Data is not compatible with Hi-MD. Hi-MD formatted discs can store data in addition to music files and these can be written to / read from via the computer. MD Data was an earlier format, as @BearBoy mentioned used for multitrack recordings. Only MD Data devices can read MD Data discs. Perhaps this is where the confusion has arisen. As @imkidd57also mentioned, in relation to the NH3D specifically, it may be that at present it is not fully supported with WMD Pro. As for downloading / uploading / streaming - I would call copying back to the PC from MD "uploading" versus downloading from the PC to an MD device. But, maybe I'm just pedantic, I know some people like to use the inverse terminology. * Moving to minidisc sub-forum
  17. Nothing to be embarrassed about! All photos are appreciated! I have a kind of standardized setup that I have been using for a few years, with a light tent, my handheld camera and some minor edits on the computer afterwards. Far from pro, but it still takes a while sometimes. I usually go through short "spurts" of output, often punctuated by months of having no time and / or laziness😅
  18. Good to know. I might consider getting one as a backup at some point
  19. Axia MD | Axia MD C (1996) The Axia MD C was Axia's third disc design, again made by TDK and dating from 1996. It was again available in 60 and 74 minute variants. 74 Minute 5 pack in 10 disc box set
  20. Axia MD | Axia MD B (1995) The Axia MD B was Axia's second disc, and came out in 1995. It was made for Axia by TDK and featured their familiar cross-hatch patterned shell, and screws to hold the casing together. It was available in 60 and 74 minute variants. 74 Minute version, 5 pack in 10 disc box set
  21. Well it's just a standalone drive, made of plastic, no player functionality.
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