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Just got a MZ-1 but no power adaptor! Might go crazy with suspense.

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Hello all.

I finally picked up an MZ-1 on eBay and it arrived today. Unfortunately, the power adaptor that was packed with it is some random 3v sony power adaptor (which doesn't even fit, so I'm not sure how that happened.) No problem, thought I, as I went into the attic to get my SkyTronic universal adaptor. But no - it doesn't do 10.5v. It only does 9 or 12. Also, of the various connectors it has there appear to be two that fit the MZ-1 ok, and that made me all unsure that I wasn't going to blow the thing up.

How frustrating to have this at my fingertips and not know if it works! Cosmetically it's in great condition, although the display seems to have dropped slightly into the machine at one end.

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations for replacement power adaptors for this thing. Or whether anybody might happen to have info on or a photo of the connector on the original adaptor. Basically any help appreciated. I'm assuming there's no charge in the battery. I tried pressing some buttons and nothing.

And what's the deal with the cr-2025? Does this need replacing before I can use the machine?

Thank you!

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The Supply that is supposed to be with it is 10.5 volts DC , 800 ma. and it is VERY important to have that accurate. I have fried one of these on a wrong supply .

The 2032-2025 Lithium is for the Clock and RAM ( yes it has a small memory function, for time stamp , and disc recording times etc . )

As for supplies If you cant find one , you can build one without too much effort .

TO220 case Fixed voltage regulator 7810 model

Will give a fixed 10.2 volts from 12-30 volts DC , Simple to build circuit , Make sure to use a Heat Sink for the Case of the TO220


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