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NH900 and NHF800 pictorial

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Hey guys.

Thought you might like to see these. I know they're not particularly exotic models, or particularly good photos, but it's always nice to take a look at stuff. Picked these up on eBay UK a couple of months ago. Advertised as 'brand new' - clearly they're not exactly new (there are some marks) but they were pretty reasonable and everything seems to work fine, so I'm happy. Both models surprised me by how chunky and plasticky they are - I thought the 900 at least would be a little leaner/sturdier, given that it was only one step down from the NH1, but I guess that one step makes a world of difference. As it happens I'm getting used to both models, and their basic design may well help them to outlast the metal-cased RH1 with it's uber-fragile wiggly donkle.

Feel free to ask questions.
















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Nice pictures, glad you like them, hope they bring you much joy

Take care,


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Nice devices mate, been thinking of trying to get a NH900 or NHF800. Just haven't had the time to search lately. I really like my NH600, so I can imagine that those little units must be great.

The recording inputs would be nice to have, but I haven't used the optical/analogue in on my N510 much. I just recorded a couple CDs to see if it worked or not.

That's a nice remote too, I ordered one of them. Great remote in my opinion.

Best of luck with your purchases!


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