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Amazing - MD owners potential terrorists!

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I just ordered a replacement GP charger with two gumstick batteries. The one I bought 2 years ago has given sterling service but it was a very old lot and the guy wasn't even sure it would work.

The only source I could find was online at a retailer in New York. I'm not naming names here, PM me if you want to get one, though I suspect you'll find it easily enough in Google.

I checked to see the possible ways of them sending it to me. I opted to pick it up from a drop-shipment place just south of the line (ie in USA). Imagine my surprise when the very nice and helpful salesperson informed me that this order (containing gumstick batteries, although Li ion batteries would apply too) is not allowed to be sent outside of the US of A.

Imagine that - some dunderhead at HSA has decided that Canadians are not to be trusted with gumstick batteries because they might be used to make a weapon!?!?!? If the said weapon only ran on AA's, there'd be no problem whatsoever.


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