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  1. If the SPDIF is not the global sink for sound output you may not have a problem. I would suggest sending that to normal speakers/headphones/whatever but use VLC (or some other player) to play to the SPDIF output.
  2. I think you have to turn off driver signing AGAIN, i.e. it will have been re-enabled at the next reboot or perhaps even sooner than that, and you have to do it each time a new device is installed.
  3. I have not one but 2 noisy N910s. You never know, you might get one of them if this works. Pay it forward and all that! Most likely gonna need your help with the px7 though 🙂
  4. Most likely that's the problem. I sent a notebook to England last week and it cost $25. Thanks for the offer, though, and it's not (in my case) urgent. Unless the px7 needs it (;
  5. Thinking about it, the item's location in Grantham is rather piquant...... especially when you consider it was Maggie who got the UK the best deal anyone ever had for joining the EU.
  6. See the previous post to yours. "Disable driver signature enforcement" - it's the only way
  7. Kevin, wouldthis work? I cannot find any quantity of EM-30L that doesn't require a $50 outlay (at least) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B000HBNV58
  8. Not much help here; but most of my experiences when a deck came up "dead" were resolved by double-checking the ribbon cables inside the box. I think this needs more expert electronic advice than I am qualified to give. Stephen
  9. I thought I'd add to this: the wide range of automobile head units also plays ATRAC (and ATRAC 3+), at least a dozen models. I use the MEX-BT5000 (with Bluetooth support). They don't show up in the Minidisc Equipment Browser because there's no MD - however you can add an MD changer via the Sony Unilink device cable that most units have at the back thereby having your cake and eating it. My pet bugbear is that none of the third party softwares support ATRAC/+ CDs. Only SonicStage. Another example of a wonderful technology Sony was frightened to use because of the piracy implications if it was too easy to copy disks.
  10. (I heard that) One thing I noticed was he was using XP. Has anyone tried x86 (32-bit) Windows 10? The only versions I have had running are hosted (VirtualPC) XP. I did the 32-bit experiment a while back with mixed results (the machine was so slow that I really don't know if the problems were because of that. IIRC it does work, but I absolutely won't swear to it. I don't have a dedicated Windows-32 to try it on. The functionality chart shown in the Video confirms what I have always thought - the MDS-PC3 is rather a special little device. Mind you I am looking forward to getting my hands on the PX7. Maybe you (Kevin) should try the approach he uses at the start of the movie, playing around with WAV files he's loaded into M-Crew's library.
  11. I'm pretty sure these are standard connectors and the wires just go straight through. Crossing my fingers that it's there anyway. In the unlikely event Encompass has it, the cost will be 2-3 times what I paid for the entire kit and caboodle, so self-manufacture seems the way to go
  12. L and R - are those the direction of "increase" when turned?
  13. Well that works for me (no speakers). More to the point is there's no sign of the interconnect cable in the photos. So you guys may have to help me make one if it doesn't turn up.
  14. Sigh, I found the reason I couldn't see any for sale. They got listed as HMC-PX7. Amazingly there were two listed on Yahoo Japan, I bought one buy-it-now for $50 or so. The killer will be the shipping, I shall have to negotiate with Buyee and see if they will throw away the speakers and save me the cost of that, if it makes a huge difference.
  15. I am quite intrigued by the specifications of the CMT-PX7. Has anyone ever seen one of these? It has a 3-CD changer and a 3-MD changer. I know that its little brother the CMT-PX3 (I have 2, one in England I am still looking to unload) is one of the most reliable units I've ever seen. Both machines have MDLP (CXD2662 or equivalent). There is also a PX5 - there's one on Yahoo Japan - with 3CD and 1MD which is less interesting to me. The PX7 is claimed to be usb-controllable, but the manual I found shows a PS/2 socket just as I would expect from that era, instead of USB. Intriguingly the PX3 was sold under the moniker DHC-595MD - weird eh? So perhaps the PX7 has another name???? Inquiring minds, dontcha know?
  16. That would be brilliant. You can look at the inf file(s) for the "everything" netMD here that I made - they've been installed thousands of times. I just did exactly what you said, modified it so it installs for everything. Signing is another matter, but you've already got that under control.
  17. I am about 99% certain I've seen the Sony device "connected" in some Windows configuration/status display (once Sonic Stage starts then I agree it disappears). So I wonder if it simply needs a key...... but no idea how that would work in practice. The Sony driver for 64 bits works reliably for all NetMD, the only problem is installing it, which problem has been solved for quite a while.
  18. Very interesting. thanks for the clarification. I've certainly seen performance problems on time-sensitive (and interrupt-dependent) software designed for 32-bit windows running on a 64-bit box. So it didn't seem much of a stretch (to imagine the main barrier being 64 vs 32 bits). I wonder what exactly Sony did (yeah I know, they got over-the-top paranoid at one point)? Or does this approach completely bypass Sony's driver?
  19. Quick question: (and very happy you did all this for NetMD owners) Your mention of Zadig is entirely due to the need to use 64 bit windows, right? So anyone misguided enough to install a 32-bit windows doesn't have to use it, and can therefore do all the download/upload stuff on that (32-bit) machine without installing anything. Or am I missing something else? Sadly virtual 32-bits doesn't work all that well for time-sensitive things like sound transfer over USB. Virtual PC supports drivers similar to what Zadig does, I have been running M-Crew on XP mode on Virtual PC. The only problem there is that the CD support fails, sigh.
  20. Might depend on your internet configuration. Mine is always playing up because it switches all the time. In this case you may need to "C:\>IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS" (the prompt and the quotes are illustrative and not meant to be entered by you)
  21. Byrdle is a-mus-ing in that the guesses don't have to be musical words. But the answer always is. Sometimes it's only 5 letters instead of 6.
  22. Just to cheer you up here is the first of three pages of Viola jokes: https://www.mit.edu/~jcb/viola-jokes.html and while we're about it has anyone discovered Byrdle? The reason this came to mind is that my starting guess is always V-I-O-L-A-S (lots of vowels). Happy New Year to one and all. Does anyone have experience of converting a live windoze boot disk to GPT (after i discovered i cannot use the rest of the drive, period)? It's good to be back.
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