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Hi all,

I recently upgraded my sonicstage v. 3.4 (which I've been using since years to transfer music from PC to my old mp3 player NW-0005) to the 4.3 v....

what a surprise to dsicover that the transfer to the MP3 player isn't possible anymore!! (only otions available are related to a CD: create an Audio CD, create an ATRAC CD, create an MP3 CD) impossible for me understand that........; anyways, now I'm stucked because I can neither find the install CD, nor find the 3.4 exec (or I really didn't search well on this forum). nothing here (at least I couldn't find the link to download the full installer file)

sorry if I couldn't manage to search good enough, I thought this would be easy to find, but I couldn’t.. neither on the sony site , nor on your forum..

I'd love to read your answers because I can't modifiy any music on my mp3 player without the adequate sofwware at the moment ... :-((

many thanks in advance!!

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Sounds suspiciously like the driver isn't there. I'm not familiar with this particular model (in fact I think you may have quoted the model number incorrectly).

I would make a guess that you did not remove 3.4 sufficiently well. As a side note, there is a conversion process you may have to go through on some or all files. When you say "MP3s" do you really mean that? I should have thought that if you have to use SonicStage you are actually talking about OMGs or OMAs.

I think we need a bit more information, including detailed error messages. Assuming you have the NW-HD5, there are definitely people around here who have one and will likely know the answer to your questions. There definitely are lots of HD5 owners over on avsforums.com. You might check there too.

Some (of mine to you) to start with:

1. Can you talk to the NW at all? Can you see it on any screen at all on the computer, even non-Sony software? Check in Device Manager for starters.

2. Where did you get your music? Is it copy protected, and/or did it come from the Sony Connect store?

3. Can you play your music ON THE COMPUTER? On another walkman device?

4. Do you know where the files are located on the PC (assuming you can see them in Sonic Stage)? There's a simple way to find out. But don't bother if you believe all your files are (only) on the Walkman.

That'll do for now. Please feel free to ask more questions.

PS can you use the default font in this website? Your post was almost too small to read - I have modified it (all except the first and last lines, so you can see the difference.

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Hi sfbp,

first, thank you for your time.

my NW-e005 player is very old, I bought it in 2006, but since it's small, convenient and working, I didn't find a reason why I should change it (untill my described problem occured)

here is what does look like:


to answer your questions 2 to 4, yes, I can locate and play the music stored on my PC, protected by copy rights or not.

BUT.. BUT.. BUT... you're completly right with your question #1 (!!) ("Can you see it on any screen at all on the computer,")

even if the icon for battery "being charged" does appears as usual on the device itself, my PC doesn't recognize the device (doesn't appear as usual under explorer for example. I couldn't imagine the player being "USB-detected" for charging and not for accessing data.. obviously possible now).

I think that answers all my (stupid) questions.

No wonder that the sonicstage 4.3 version can not display the device I was expecting to transfer my music on...

THANKS a lot for your help to a d..b a.. user....... would be good for your forum to delete this topic ;-)

Thanks again!

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The e005 turned into an 0005 on your original post. So I was thinking about quite the wrong piece of gear.

I'm not clear - did MY dumb questions lead you to the solution? What was it? I can't tell from your post.

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yes, my bad for the model reference, sorry.

unfortunately I don't have a solution now, except buying another player.. :-(

the device is not recognized anymore by my PC, that's the point.

it doesn't appear anymore as 'removable disc' (neither with W.Explorer, nore with sonistage, obviously).

I couldn't have guessed that spontaneaously for 3 reasons

1/ it never occured before (bad luck that this happened at the same period/the same day as I did my sonicstage version uprgade)

2/ the 'battery charging" icon does appear (as usual) on the device when I plug the player on USB port

3/ the 'Data access' msg does appear (as usual) on the device when I plug the player on USB port (even though it's not true anymore after a few more seconds... the device doesnt get detected "anymore" by my PC. or or any other PC, actually... :-( )

>> my player is half dead :-(

it still can play, but it can't synchronize anything anymore, I can't change the current music selection anymore.

Thks anyway!

have a good day

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Probably you need to find the right drivers.

1. I'm assuming you have the manual - if you don't get if from here:

2. Have you looked at page 39 of the manual?

3. Have you read the troubleshooting section, particularly around p.62?

4. It may be as simple as REMOVING a driver installed by your new Windows installation and installing the right one.

But I'd place money on the problem being the USB port on the new machine.

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