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Vaio "steampunk" wallpaper

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and I have recently created a Vaio wallpaper, even though i used photoshop for some time now, this is my first wallpaper :)

I tried to do it in the "steampunk" style, I'm not sure how well i managed that, I guess its up to you to judge really.

Anyway, please give me feedback, I'm willing to improve the wallpaper, so criticize as much as you can ;) and If you actually like it i can create a personalised version for you, just ask ;) (for example I can change the red light to a different colour, move the Vaio logo and so on)

Thanks !

The wallpaper is available on my deviant account :)


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No, but if you can figure out how to upload the picture some people would actually see it. I'm sorry if there is a problem at the moment with uploads (I had something weird happening myself) but some people seem to have posted pictures. A link to a site like picasa (sorry for the ad) or youtube (ditto) might be more enticing to people to look at your link.

And... welcome to our forums!

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