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How to Convert with .bat (need commands) [request]

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There's a perfectly good program supplied by Sony to convert to mp3. It supports 320kbps. Why batch? The program processes all files selected in a batch, anyway.

Most members here are not particularly interested in that, we like .oma :)

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There's no such thing as ATRAC3 Mono.

If you really need to do this kind of thing, buy the PRO version of Sound Forge (now part of Movie Studio I think) and it has batch files as well as the ability to do any conversion including any ATRAC rate you can think of.

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Hello,i know it is an older thread,but maybe they are more people which this problems (And Sound Forge is not free).

You can use some programs which was used from the first version of psp emulators before someone create an opensource atrac3plus codec which is included on ffmpeg.

I think you can use simply the ffmpeg/ffmplay without need the other,anyway i post here all solutions (and links).

Also they "inventated" some smart ways for could listen/convert the audio (SS can not do it with atrac mono :( ):

The best ,if ffmpeg failed is :

**HiMdRenderer && Convertie provided by hyakki decode Atrac3+ on pc using sonicStage and Sound Forge from hyakki (web : http://marcnetsystem.co.uk/)

Open HiMdRenderer,
Make sure Search Path has the sonicstage package path
Now, input file-> browse-> select the audio file you want to decode -> GO RENDER!

Then, rename the file you get to <filename>.at3.decoded




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Curious to know why this version of Marc's program is newer than the one we have in the downloads section. Is it improved? (hint hint, where did you get it?)

ONCE AGAIN, THERE IS NO ATRAC3 (LP) MONO. There is ATRAC MONO (which may be what you mean). ATRAC3 doesn't refer to the version of ATRAC (1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0,4,5 etc) but to the MDLP codec.

I'd be glad to put the file in the uploads section as generally we don't encourage people to post binary or zip files in public sections owing to technical and legal risks. But first you or someone else needs to make the right noises about this being the real thing, not some PC-destroying lookalike.

Thanks for your understanding. Don't worry, I saved the file you uploaded.

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