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Installing Sonicstage on a new machine April 2014

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I have been a long time user of Sonicstage for my NW-HD1 & NW-HD3 and have been using my trusty XP machine.

However, I have now upgraded(?) to a brand new windows 8.1 machine and want to install and transfer everything over to it.

As I understand it the Sonicstage 4.3 installer will no longer work as Sony have removed it from their servers, also is it still possible to transfer my library from machine to machine.

.....or is there an alternative method that I can still use to get my music onto these devices.



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kann mir jemand einen Tip geben.Ich habe Win 7 32 bit neu aufgelgt, SonicStage 4.3 Ulti... mit neusten Treibern geladen.

Software startet aber nicht,weil ich vorher meine Bibliothek nicht gelöscht hatte.

Ich habe OpenMG Jukebox auch noch installiert,verlangt aber Admin Rechte, obwohl ich als Admin geführt werde.

Auf meinem zweiten Betriebssystem Win 8.1, werden die NetMD Treiber nicht erkannt.

Was kann man da noch machen ?

Hat jemand eine Idee ???

Allen noch ein gesundes 2015

Gruss - Micarocco

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It works!


Try to do some reading. I will leave a proper response here to someone whose German is better than mine


Good luck!

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I am running Sonic Stage on an XP machine.  I am about to upgrade it to Win 7.  It would be helpful to have a succinct list of the steps involved in transferring everything over.  The only ATRAC files I have are ones I made myself - - they are not set up with copy protection.  I continue to make new recordings with a MZN10, a MZRH1 and a MDSJE480.  Many of my existing files have been converted to .mp3.  (Sorry, I don't know German.)

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