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MDS JB940 won't eject

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As the title says. I assumed there was a drive belt that operated the load/eject mechanism and managed to locate and obtain two replacements. I've looked at the service manual but can't fathom out how to change the belt. It doesn't seem to be shown in the diagrams. How would I replace it and how difficult would it be.

Thanks in advance

Chris Caudy

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!!Same problem here.... BUT when I record just a second or two extra on the disc and let the TOC writing do his work, the disc is ejecting!

It may be a temporary solution but I don't have to open the device and it keeps working.


after a while I had the same problem. But i was lucky to bring it to a local repairshop. He replaced the belt.



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On 2014. október 25. at 1:09 PM, punkrockaddict said:

Not difficult at all ;)


I have replaced many of those belts, in several models like the 640, 940, 470, 480, S50, PC3, etc. For me the best method is to lift the drive out of the unit (remove four screws, and the cables if you want to), and I access the belt from the front of the drive with the help of a pair of tweezers, and a  paperclip bent as a hook. No need to disassemble the drive, and no sensitive parts are close to damage - if you know what you are doing.

Most important is to protect the drive and the unit from ESD - my workbench has an antistatic ESD mat, plus I wear gloves, but as a minimum, one has to discharge the body's antistatic charge on a grounded metal piece, before opening the device for repair. Also, when it comes to lift the drive out of the deck, one hand should keep touching the metal chassis, before and until the drive is out.

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