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  1. ah those and the Sharp MD-MT88/99 were the last of the well made metalled bodied portables. I still have a few as good as new. Shame they didnt have a tone control. Atleast the 88/99 had LP mode
  2. freddyjollo


    ANy one have any opinion what the website was doing when it was off. Some times there was what seemed like a blue set of sony menues but each option in the address bar had a very very long line of random characters that to my mind looked like some kind of malware code,. So I thought the site had been hacked
  3. I have replied to post with answers
  4. the usb cable is a standard one. though not sure the name. It was standard before smartphone ones came along. If you plug it into pc/notebook the usb should power it ( I do this with my NH600) Sony supplied a utility at the end to convert atrac files to mp3. If you are still attending to this article and dont have here it is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vsCIn6daQ9DaToyRWDjkGnGu-MQEJlc-/view?usp=sharing it is called "MP3CONVERSIONTOOL.exe" maybe the admin would like to make a copy for the downloads here as I dont think they have it presumably it will convert to mp3 any atrac format that Sony ever used
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    Yes I use an Audiolab 8200cdq and the sound is much better. Remember you are not only using the DAC in the deck but also the analogue sound circuitry which though good is not the best. I never found the digital filters on the deck made an improvement & I never liked the resulting sound of any of them. Also in my case since the dac is part of an all-in-one preamp thats one pair of interconnects no longer needed, just an optical cable, and one less thing to affect the sound. If you have a preamp with dac built in its a no brainer. Depends on whether you are happy with the sound?
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    yes the prices for Sony MD decks are in stupid territory. I was lucky I bought a couple of spare JB940s about 10 years ago for just £75 each buy collects in London. I did recently get a 480 purely for its drive for my JB980 just £45 or so incl postage. Some people even want £100++++ for these. The best idea is to get a deck with digital out then you upgrade it with an external DAC?
  7. about 40 with text like this "10-Meat For The Prisoners, Them As 'ave Teeth" ie quite long titles ( 6 cds each with 18 or so short tracks).I was quite pleased with my self dragging the folders in Sonic stage over to the copy window and let it get on with it and came back to see see all the blank titles . The titles are in the cd
  8. I have the Philip Pullman "His Dark Materials" audio books on cds so decided to put them on LP4 md. The cds consist of titled short sections ( often 2-3 minutes long) . I found after a time though the tracks were stored the titles were not but left blank. So it seems there is a limit to the amount of text in the titles that can be stored . I over came this by converting the LP4 md to a HiMd
  9. if you must have the Beatjam cd I have a copy and can make an iso image you could burn to a cd. It is about 280mb so not a large download. here is a link to my google drive, flle name OMGBJ.ISO https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BGBMN9ykWGlvupeFYe0NdCVNunHcvZY-/view?usp=sharing It wont be there for long so download it asap ( let me know if a problem as I dont do this linking thing often)
  10. That should be written in large letters. How many people have made the mistake of not doing that and find they have lost all their files. This should be done as a matter of course periodically and never have encrypted files in Sonic Stage
  11. It seems that latest versions of W10 wont allow you to turn off driver signing? Any one else come up against this issue https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/sony-mz-rh1-windows-10-and-sonic-stage-4-3.181749/
  12. I mean the sort of things that led to bronzing cds and cdrs. presumably later cds and cdrs were made differently?
  13. it would be interesting to know if there were any developments in the material technology and design with minidisc or whether it remained the same from start to finish
  14. all but the note about removing the lube. what happens to the lube over time, every thing deteriorates over time?
  15. The point I was making is that material technology has improved since the early days of minidisc and cd not that they were similar technologys. Some of the early cd were terrible. I have some JVC CDRs where there seems to be no protective coating on the top and you can scratch it off or it flakes off if you bend the cd!!!!! These bronzed quite quickly
  16. not sure about it being lke teflon. I once took back a lot discs to Richer Sounds, those nice Ruby coloured one as I could see circular rings on the top silver side presumably the semi liquid lube, maybe a bit thicker than on other discs, as the head made contact - the magnetic record head writes on the top side not the bottom. The laser works on the dark underside? So the lube is some kind of silicon material? it might be quite stable but for how long? dont know about the dark underside the laser reads - remember in the olde days of rusting cds? minidiscs belong to those days? Coatings have advanced eg compare cds/dvds with the almost unscratchable blu rays?
  17. This is a very olde thread? But one thing not mentioned by anyone is that the top surface has a lubricant to cut down on record head wear and tear. Maybe a md will stil be ok to play in 50 years time but will it still be recordable, will the lube have dried up and damage the record head?
  18. having spares is not an addiction just sensible. I also have 3 olde core 2 windows 7 desktops only because I still use Windows Media Center that was built into Windows 7 and not available for Windows 10. I couldnt do without Media Center for organising my mini Netflix of 1000's of media files acquired over many years .There is that bath tub law of electrical item failure - they either fail within a few months of from new or after some years when they become O.A.Ps. Any minidisc item is now an O.A.P?
  19. I used to have have an addiction but these days rarely use them. Glad I did though as with any old technology the older they are the more likely they are to go wrong so worth having a few spares - I bought mine when they were reasonable prices eg Sony JB940 decks at £75 each now more like £200 and too much?
  20. Thanks for the input. I think I will just pack away the JB980 until I can maybe get a replacment head cheap. Which cheaper models of sony mini disc decks would be a good donor? Other wise just keep using the JB940 decks I have as they are really good enough. I just dont like having broken things. On another point how easy is it to swap the mother boards of the drives over. Any one ever done that?
  21. I would have thought that issues like that would be handled by the motherboard hardware rather than the optical drive unit plugged in
  22. To save me looking thru all the posts can any one confirm that an optical unit from a Sony JB940 can fit into a Sony JB980 and work properly. The record head of my JB980 has broken off it seems & I have a number of JB940s that could donate a drive unit. They certainly look the same physically. Buying decks for spare parts now costs too much to consider. I bought the spare units years ago for about £70 each.
  23. presumably not any cables other than connecting the mechanism? I would reseat them all.
  24. presumably you had to disconnect cables? maybe it was a bad contact some where producing some resistance or capacitance? I find this can be a problem with my old ( c2006) desk top computers esp in hot weather due to expansion and contraction. esp the hard drives which can play up
  25. well maybe mabe not. The only way I am able to run HiMD and NetMD without removing the refs in the device manage and refinding is to use different devices - the NH600 for NetMD and the MZ-RH1 for HiMD
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