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TRADE: MDs Recorded From Vinyl

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I've been slimming down my vinyl collection to save $$. But before I sold them I recorded them to MD so I can still have a version with that vinyl sound.

Anyone else have vinyl recordings on MD and want to trade?

I have a few Led Zeppelin albums and some other things. I'm mostly looking for rock right now but am open to other things.

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zahne, it is so simple to download vinyl RIP.16bit-44.1kHz / 24bit-96kHz lossless torrent files that I doubt. you will get an interest to make long and costly MD deals. Save your $.

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There is no fun in downloading. I'm sick of computers and stuffing around with another link in the chain.


Well done on archiving your LPs to the physical media built for sound by people that knew good sound (raw bitrate/depth, isn't everything)


I'm having audio problems with my LD player at the moment but soon as I source another one I'm going to start doing a lot of LD recordings. I've just finished transferring over all my out of print downloads on my PC that would otherwise be impossible to get (some only released on cassette tape) to my JB980.


Now I'm going back to 1996, uninstalling x-appli, deleting all digital music files, having physical media only and just doing direct recordings, the good ol simple way.  


I'm not personally interested in vinyl recordings (I'm from the digital era) but I'm sure there are people here that are.


I would interested in good MD recordings from live Laserdiscs.

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