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Sonicstage 3.1

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Hi you all, i'll be short, promise!

In my possession is a sony nw-hd1, a modded one, that plays mp3-files. I recall that the model only could play attrac-files.

So i received a software that i could use, and was told that only this software and version worked.

I've been searching for sonicstage version 3.1 from time to time now since 2007, without any success! 

Can someone tell me where to find it?


Thank you thank you thank you!


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I have one of these great little units.  I suspect the mod was a Sony provided firmware update to allow the unit to play MP3 files. I recall seeing details for sending it in to Sony for the update, you couldn't download and flash it yourself ...

I have found that it sounds far superior when playing HiSP (256k ATRAC3plus).

The unit definitely works using the SonicStage Ultimate version available in the downloads section here.

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