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MDS-JE470 skipping/jamming(tracking problem?)

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I just yestarday fixed load belt problem in my Sony MDS-JE470 md-deck, haven't use it almost at all in many years(althought it has

been in shelves ready to use), disc eject work perfectly now but at same time remembered what was another problem.


When I start to play disc, at first it can start normally, play to somewhere middle of disc and then it start to have difficulties to

start that later track, and even if it start to play it could jam(skipping noise) and I see from time display that it doesn't move.

Yesterday there was little bit difference between cold and warmed up device, and I also managed to play few problematic md's

with fast forwarding back and forth and also rotating track selection from 1st track to last track many times.


So if I understand right, those problems are related to tracking/laser-mechanism which moves under minidisc(?) Is there something which

I could do to make deck work better or does it need some replacing parts etc? 

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Apart from simple lubrication (and remember, LESS is MORE!) u are going to have to do an alignment methinks. Start by looking at the errors using the built in error display, and see if they display a pattern (there will be errors before you ever see one yourself by the disk skipping).

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Inspected it little more, seems that deck play md better when it's just turned on, and it's cold. When it warms up it start to have difficulties to find track's starting point
and it could take like 2min before it start some particular track. But even it start it could have freezing etc. But as I said earlier, if I go back and forth in tracks with forward/backward and track selection knob, it could play more normally. Sometimes it play whole md, something at least some of tracks before problems.

Which parts in laser tracking mechanim need lubing, and which kind of lube would be suitable?

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What you're describing sounds more electronic in nature, sadly.

Mechanical faults are usually a lot more consistent,

Do you see a lot of head "shimmering" (wobble from side to side) as a disk plays? That's a bad (but not fatal) sign that alignment is off meaning a recalibration. But you would need some advanced tools for that, I think.

It could also be you have some disks which are borderline. It's very hard to sort out which is which, unless you go back to first principles. And almost nobody has the gear, knowledge and repair ability.

Start by checking power supply voltages.

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