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Sonic Stage not burning to CD

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I've had no issues in the past but now when I try to burn tracks I've recorded to a music cd I get the message unable to transfer the track or tracks. I am able to burn one track on the cd but not more than that. I'm using Sonic stage 4.3 I can't even burn tracks in my library anymore either. My recorder is a MZ-RH1 if that matters. Help! And Thank You!

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Most likely some other app has "taken over" the CD/DVD burner.

You can reacquaint SonicStage with the drive, if I recall correctly. Probably you need to delete it from Device Manager first so that it reinstalls. Then SS should check it out and after that, presto!

Good luck.

(there are other more complicated tricks to do with deleting Upper and Lower Filters but I don't recommend them. Probably some reading on Microsoft Tech Net may help).

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